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Meet Emeka The Ex-Football That Converted To Islam After Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Story Inspired Him | All Comments

2021-02-06 12:58:45
Most countries in the world give citizens right to choose the religion they want to belong.And alway have it in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion in life, including the religion they choose to practice. ...
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  • chuksSamuel

    02-06 14:08:32

    The worst mistake

  • Genius77

    02-06 14:04:27

    Ma Shā Allāh

  • GUEST_nR0pelYrw

    02-06 17:35:05

    Akwukwo Ifo! He converted? so as to be able to coach Mohammedan Football Club Bangladesh. Buisness conversion more like it. Correct Igbo man of Anambra extraction. Pure buisness sense.

  • GUEST_X2V6Qjz6G

    02-06 14:56:48

    Good decision

  • urudi

    02-07 20:08:55

    He was not inspired by any story about Mohammed but by the need for o keep his job as a coach!

  • +234-0813691****

    02-06 16:40:09

    He was inspired by the life story of Mohammed and not his spirit. It is a pity. Since the life of Mohammed is connected with sword and now that he is a retired footballer, he should be ready to emulate Mohammed with sword and this time with AK 47 rifle for Jihad starting from his domain.

  • EmekaAghadi

    02-06 16:20:00

    No problem religious life is a personal decision good luck name sake

  • GUEST_nW3D787Va

    02-06 21:08:01

    me go worship idols in Islam

  • CosmosNwoko_01

    02-06 19:16:42

    Christianity doesn't know who left her is in Islam you will hear that if any body left it the members will treat to Kill the person because the don't want anybody to expose them

  • GUEST_YD8xxqlaw

    02-06 23:47:23

    I think he's a fool

  • GUEST_DwXlV8R1n

    02-07 12:47:32

    Allahu Akbar!

  • JerryBauka

    02-07 12:45:04

    No one converts to Christianity. All that one needs is to accept the Lordship of Christ over him. once you do that you have become a Christian indeed.

  • IDVicar

    02-06 15:40:09

    Let's pray he doesn't contemplate terrorism to appease alah

  • trump4u

    02-06 22:51:16

    lol muslims are so Ignorant and gullible how could anyone whose brain is working embrace paganism called Islam

  • GUEST_0ywKb2Bm9

    02-07 12:23:46

    How much the Mohammedan club paid him before he converted

  • GUEST_y2X2gwxW8

    02-07 06:23:19

    it bcos he want coach in Arab country ni

  • trump4u

    02-06 22:52:02

    big big Islamic propaganda

  • +234-0906595****

    02-06 18:10:37

    he will come back to life one day

  • GUEST_KBlJ3vnWg

    02-06 17:59:38



    02-07 22:12:13

    🃏 🃏 🃏🃏🃏. playing joker.

  • KareemAlabi

    02-07 20:21:35

    welcome on Board


    02-07 15:57:48



    02-07 12:23:51

    BarakaAllahu fihi

  • GUEST_KRD0W302r

    02-07 06:56:58

    he converted because he needed to keep his job

  • IdrisLawal_03

    02-07 01:32:28


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