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Shehu Sani Blows Hot Over Burnt Mosque & Properties Of Muslims In Gombe | All Comments

2021-02-22 13:53:46
A former senator from Kaduna State, Mr. Shehu Sani, has gave his own opinion to the lingering crisis in some parts of Gombe State in the northeastern Nigeria.The vociferous senator talked via his most preferred social media platform, Twitter. ...
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  • SotugbaFriday

    02-23 12:13:15

    Fulani remains Fulani.

  • BZK.....katan

    02-22 19:07:35

    I think the governor of Gombe still is a tell mumu.

  • Latoms

    02-22 18:18:55

    call on your short devil governor, he is the one instigating Gombe state governor. as a human rights activists you need to call for the investigation of what brought the crisis. shame on you

  • GUEST_9VBr8q5oV

    02-22 16:55:45

    The churches that are constantly burned in Kaduna and most parts of the northern region, who have they arrested

  • GUEST_4yvknWL1a

    02-22 16:00:57

    Nonsense what lead to the arson?

  • GUEST_5qYNArkvm

    02-22 17:31:19

    hon Sank were are you? What is happing at your house in Kaduna, what have you said about that cycle Vance Hon Senator Shem for you,plz stops bandit in Kaduna don't pop noose

  • GUEST_XX78vgeZP

    02-23 01:24:01

    Northerners, be very very careful, molested in South base on tribal reasons, while, here in North, religious being use to divide you, no peace in South, while also here in North,

  • GUEST_gbmrwnn5r

    02-22 19:10:24


  • GUEST_WwDlbx03R

    02-22 18:02:07

    gombe state government has is setting ablaze that state where religious violence has not been heard before because of dubious attempt to deny the Christian traditional ruler that the people elected to rule them and to dubiously impose a fulani that is not qualified on them

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