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Take A Look At What Governor Okezie Said About Herdsmen That Is Causing Reactions | All Comments

2021-02-02 21:21:19
For some days, a lot of terrible things have been happening in Nigeria. One of the terrible things that occurred for some days now is the issue of Fulani herders and the ESN. According to the source, it's said that Fulani herders go to South East to kill a ...
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  • UgoMadu

    02-03 00:06:36

    Every eastern governors must use their security vote to support ESN.Enough is enough.

  • GUEST_zJxDXkVjb

    02-03 05:17:18

    Where has this governor been? Will he lay claim that he has not been hearing what Nnamdi Kanu has been saying this is very unfortunate

  • GUEST_nvrOke7Q5

    02-02 23:34:29

    this governor is up to something, don't ever listen to him, we can't trust them, may they're now afraid of ESN.

  • GUEST_597WE37bd

    02-02 22:49:59

    Did u go there confirmed it wrong. U go dey sokoto to talk what u dont know about

  • JuliebestAnakor_01

    02-03 07:25:56

    Are you people not ashamed, great nation of ours all you hear over the media across the world concerning Nigeria 🇳🇬 is nothing other than herdsmen cows 🐄 🐄, kidnappings and Boko haram terrorist every where, ohhhhhh! What a shame This cloned maniac on seat as a president wants tarnish the image of the country rob it to the mud before leaving the office and we all sits still and do nothing like as if under hypnotized

  • Chinedu

    02-02 22:54:07

    Good morning Mr. Slave governor.

  • Kajagugu

    02-03 00:14:54

    Mumu Governor, do the needful and support ESN

  • GUEST_gGyymLX8m

    02-03 15:35:18

    You are a governor of your state, use your governor's order to bring peace to your state.

  • GUEST_aBgjggBZ9

    02-03 07:43:15

    Honestly the destruction is much may God save us

  • GUEST_E7lGn1Dvj

    02-03 07:37:13

    Dave Umehi's tactical "U" turn on the headers issue is as a result of the visible hand writing's of his newly found lover, the APC'S plan to dash his political ambition to the wall, No hope for his dreamed presidential ambition from the Fulanis,

  • GUEST_BoK9ok5Y0

    02-03 07:32:03

    Good morning Governor's of the East you all are welcome

  • GUEST_e5rMBj5lJ

    02-03 02:54:01

    Is the Nigerians are now waking up out of their sleep and slumber, may God help us to wipe out all the Fulani herdsmen terrorist group


    02-03 21:25:57

    Please northerners take your ciws and terrorist herders out of the south. Enough is enough.

  • Jumbo

    02-03 19:51:17

    useless governor, why not ban open grazing in your State.

  • ijeonyekachi

    02-03 19:32:05

    okokorokooooo, good morning Mumu Governor

  • +234-817030****

    02-03 17:10:02

    Ikpezu is he among the Governor of this Nation? Abia people is a pity

  • GUEST_g0LM3z2V6

    02-03 10:56:00

    Because the E.S.N have been lunched that is why you are talking rubbish

  • GUEST_pA906b330

    02-03 10:49:14

    ESN has open doors for govrs to speak up now, because now the have ESN security network Nnamdi kanu as backup, before no backup but now ESN is backup, kanu is behind them that is why the governor are now talking, if the talk there master will ask them to bring there head to them aso rock.


    02-03 08:42:48

    But the question is that what everybody been lying against fulani herdsmen??? Even in the North Nigerians are complaining bitterly

  • AbdallahMohammed_15

    02-03 08:02:51

    that is way Ania is not developing

  • GUEST_LO6vV7vjR

    02-03 08:02:32

    Kanu and Sunday Igboho are the only two that will save us from this useless Fulani government

  • OluyemiAkin

    02-03 07:21:35

    This is terrible fulaniherdmen caused anarchy everywhere with reckless abandon. The FGN should do something before it degenerates into fire.

  • Sezz

    02-03 07:08:33

    Don't place another football bet until you Google Search "montecarlobetclub" and visit the website to learn how to stop losing bets on football matches. Not too long, the Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu said something about herders which got people reacting. Okezie

  • +234-805737****

    02-03 06:57:41

    one tribe causing problem across the six zone in the country People are still supporting them

  • DeriOrbuka_01

    02-02 22:52:32

    the have this sense of entitlement... inherited from Buhari

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