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Take A Look At What Governor Okezie Said About Herdsmen That Is Causing Reactions | All Comments

2021-02-02 21:21:19
For some days, a lot of terrible things have been happening in Nigeria. One of the terrible things that occurred for some days now is the issue of Fulani herders and the ESN. According to the source, it's said that Fulani herders go to South East to kill a ...
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  • TheophilDonatus_01

    02-03 11:10:49

    everyone should have been in the field doing farm work which would have made available plenty of food but bcoz of herders attacks everywhere the people could not farm..

  • IsmailShuaib_03

    02-03 09:08:48

    What a shame to we nigeria because we're not see what the wicked once are doing they are using us. making name and money for theirself saying that they are fighting for our right but not please Nigeria wake up from our sleep

  • LarryRuthless_

    02-03 08:11:58

    So you know but waited until ESN was lunched before you started to speak out oniyeye.


    02-03 05:13:51

    our people should deal with hersmen serously ...

  • EricPaulso

    02-03 01:34:51

    you didnt see any evidence ?

  • OkenwaUche_01

    02-03 00:41:08

    they attacked the Muslims you kept quiet because you are not a Muslim they attacked the Christians you kept quiet because you are not a Christian they attacked the poor you kept quiet because you are not poor they attacked the farmer you kept quiet because you are not a farmer oga just know that very very soon they will come for you and their will be no body to save you and those your family members you are accumulating money for good morning sir

  • GabrielOnwusoro

    02-02 23:56:18

    How can what the Governor said cause mixed reactions? The reality is always on ground and need not be spoken about only. Deterrent Actions are needed. It doesn't need mixed reactions but deterrent reactions from him and other peace loving Nigerians. There are atrocities being committed on the citizens in their farmslands by the invited Foreign Fulanis Bandits disguising as Herdsmen with cows and who occupy farmslands and inside forests, speaking FULFUDE. Instead of selling the cows in cow markets in towns, they aggressively go into Citizens farmslands to destroy crops and are backed and supported by the bribed and instructed Securities, to protect them when confronted.

  • GeoffreyBuchi

    02-02 23:05:41

    nonsense governor....... someone is protecting ur territory from away n u re here talking rubbish....ur DNA does not match with that of igbos.

  • £@m£∆¢•`£\✓

    02-02 22:56:54

    wake up

  • EmekaNwankwo_15

    02-02 22:54:01

    suffering and smiling governor

  • 1st.Man

    02-03 18:39:24

    We are glad this time that you stood your grounds for the truth. There's politics and there is home, if our homes be destroyed or sold for politics, where do we rest and sleep after all this deceptive politics? We stand by you now for realising that home must be considered first. More grease!

  • SamuelBrownson

    02-03 17:30:59

    you're looking for something,I can't trust you

  • Chinnyzion

    02-03 12:22:16

    I don't trust this Governor he is a crook .. sabo, Forget about what he said.... wicked Man that can't stand for his people...

  • Pishonworld

    02-03 12:05:15

    gover is in charge of security of lives and property in his State, Dede Mazi oo, Nawoo


    02-03 10:18:51

    Good morning sir.

  • DavidBaronnex

    02-03 08:51:25

    Endorsement of ESN is the beginning of wisdom in the East.

  • GoodTiding.

    02-03 04:08:07

    'Fulani Herders go to the SE to kill and destroy farmers harvest'.....vox populi,vox dei.......Governor Okezie of Abia state quoted as saying herdsmen are kidnapping and destroying farmlands....... absolutely true and happening in other regions of Middle Belt,SW,SS which reactions has shown that they must be law abiding ,orderly/ peaceful in their conduct wherever they stay .

  • GUEST_ojyvoaJeP

    02-02 23:44:37

    Useless govnr u sure will be Abia LAST govnr,working for d zoo as slave,u ain't seen anytng yet,mtcheeeww

  • GUEST_a0plWg7vz

    02-02 23:33:53

    u people used understand DAT funanis are very wicked. ikpeazu

  • AcoRoyal

    02-03 12:19:25

    okezie is trying to make it clear that he is not capable of being governor if not why complaining, ortom stand up for his people and ban open grazing in benue. be on your feet, be bold,stop thinking of what will be the reactions of the presidency but how to safeguard your people.

  • AbuchiCosmas

    02-03 11:09:19

    I wish the Fulanis will destroy ur house and cut off ur head and the head of all d South-East governor's. U guys are mentally demented, ndi ara.


    02-03 09:29:09

    useless south east governors

  • OkechukwuAdolphus

    02-03 08:10:42


  • LawrenceLawrence_03

    02-02 23:21:12

    Good morning Fulani governor Okezie useless Fulani governors everywhere.

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