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After Returning From Vacation, See What His Lover Did To Him For Paying Another Girl's Bride Price | All Comments

2021-01-13 12:15:35
A man known as Elvis Chidinma Omah from Nsukka local government area of enugu just returned From Christmas and New year holiday, Chidinma has been in the village since December last year where he decided to celebrate the festive season. According to report ...
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  • BoltinJacob

    01-13 14:09:48

    But how can you dinne and still sleep in with whom you are fade up with. men learn your lesson from this oooo. killer women are everywhere now

  • bloodofJesus

    01-13 15:06:21

    may we not meet the wrong woman and wrong man

  • GUEST_1E9xP9DGe

    01-13 13:58:42


  • LuckyAlliStephen

    01-13 16:07:11

    ibo men are fond of using other tribes and dumbing them for their own tribes and this is the fruit of playing games with people destiny


    01-13 16:26:21

    This is good for thought, let us know that know secret remain secret in as much it concerns human being. Using one and dropping her for payment of dowry on another's is sheeting which is against the will of God. Let every one learn from this. Do not go in to someone you do not have intention to marry. Repent now if that way is likely yours, tommorow may be too late as it was with the victim. You can decide today for Jesus and God bless you


    01-13 14:23:07

    don't promise any girl that you know you can't marry

  • GUEST_JYakdJwGq

    01-13 14:10:10

    Rip this girl is wicked that why d guy didn't want her again

  • baalaman

    01-13 15:16:28

    he is going straight to hell fire ND the girl in question is going straight to prison... which one is better...

  • GUEST_Z0V4dZGwv

    01-13 17:25:36

    it's time we stop taking women treght for granted,they are capable of anything, thats why I hate people telling people that they can't do more than a dead rat, cause this days a dead rat can make you runaway from your house,or even kill you.stop this see finish attitude

  • oghenekomeEkeriode

    01-13 14:43:19

    You can't denounced the devil and still eat with him, he cause his own death

  • GUEST_WBvreDex6

    01-13 21:38:07

    The lesson is only for the living to learn stop toying with someone emotions not everyone can take it.

  • JuliaOby_01

    01-13 15:39:56

    18years wit dis kind of evil mind

  • Guest_256

    01-13 13:51:02

    We are just 13 days into 2021 and all these are happening, Why are women behaving like this.. They should be aware that patience is the key

  • MathiasOche_01

    01-13 15:00:12

    people should stop toying with one another


    01-13 15:38:51

    the guy na mugu, he couldn't read the mind of a girl friend that is that sad to the point of killing him?.. he died of stupidity.. I stayed away from my ex the day she rejected malt I bought her when I sought a reconciliation over a misunderstanding

  • PaschalIbe

    01-13 14:31:26

    men pls learn from this, hence ur done wit a woman say goodbye forever, stop vomiting and and go back to leak what u have vomited


    01-13 19:23:40

    Let us learn how to toy with each others emotions . Lesson to both men and woman

  • UnityLawrance

    01-13 16:29:58

    This lady is an agent of darkness sent into this man's life and she just completed her mission . This guy should have known this for long that this lady has an evil mission in his life . In this life , do not trust anybody and anything . The world is far far deeper than how we see and hear it . Everyone that is a human and not a demon should be very very careful . I have seen so many things in life that why I held on to Christ jesus and ever since my life changed . Their is power in prayer , if you don't know how to pray LEARN , if you already know how to do more . Prayer is a powerful weapon . I pray God Almighty have mercy on him on judgment day .

  • Prince010

    01-13 15:33:03

    Mumu boy, sorry for ur parents, why keeping a don't want to marry

  • MathiasOche_01

    01-13 15:06:17

    people should stop toying with one another

  • ChinecheremEzepue

    01-13 13:50:20

    she will die a painful dead too

  • Kongaga75

    01-14 09:34:14

    Yoruba girls are heartless, why burn a man u claim to love to ashes. I have always warned about these girls from abeokuta. Rip my ibo brother. Wicked yoruba girl.

  • ChikaNicolasOgbonna

    01-14 01:06:55

    The girl is a beast in human form, men while searching for your soul mate, your own bone may GOD never allow you to enter into a wrong woman hand IJN. then you ladies that are supporting the evil girl, how many times have you slept with another man that are not your man who is planning to marry you? as you are supporting her pray that what she did to that young man will happen to your own brother, say amen!.


    01-13 20:50:27

    I don't have much to say bcos Nsukka men are found of it they like to marry from their place after dating another girl usless her and u want to go home and marry ur village girl as if their village is good for marriage , Rip Bros

  • JoyOjukwuHappiness

    01-13 19:57:22

    please I don't understand you people, since the guy has pay another person Bride price why did he still allow the girl to sleep with her in the night, is this a joke or what

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