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See The Face of Corps Member That Caused Mixed Reactions On Social Media (Photos) | All Comments

2021-02-23 18:33:35
NYSC is a year Program for all Nigerian Polytechnic and Universities Graduates who are not above 30 years, all Graduates who are above 30 years are not allowed to participate in the NYSC program, they will just get an exemption letter that will serve as th ...
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    02-23 23:39:46

    you are all getting it wrong, the law says that anyone that graduated before the age of 30 must serve the nation, the exemption letter is for those that graduated at the age beyond 30, so if you graduated at the age of 29, you can serve at the age of 60 or beyond, it means that you are indebted to serve the nation. but if you graduated at the age of 31, no service for you at any time, you will get an exemption letter. so get it right. you can see anyone above 30 in the camp and it's normal, it depends on the age of your graduation and when you want to serve

  • GUEST_Brl1DE33d

    02-24 18:43:17

    baba agba don reincarnate again oooo! abek leave am Nigeria no be Child's play na find your way.

  • KaluChibyk

    02-24 09:28:37

    This is not youth corper, this is adult corper

  • OnuCharlesEmmanuel_01

    02-24 19:56:21

    A 70 years old man or woman can enroll for NYSC provided he graduated before 30. if a person graduate before 30 can still serve even in 70.

  • +234-805880****

    02-24 13:37:09

    what of pregnant corpers,once u gt belle,u no more ut.

  • UkawuikeRaymond

    02-24 11:29:16

    O boy ye,this na onye nna ooo

  • GUEST_78MgPn5aG

    02-24 03:53:52

    At least 30k is handy monthly for the next one year.

  • SilasSarior

    02-24 19:21:44

    congrats bro

  • SilasSarior

    02-24 19:06:52

    some nigerians are becoming so foolish every blessed day, do you people know his condition?

  • EbiamobianoIgho

    02-24 10:57:37

    Non issue.

  • PerryIgho

    02-24 00:46:21

    This is an economic youth corps member, how else can he get free board, food and money while lazing around?

  • TonyIgbinosun

    02-23 23:08:11

    Age no dey show for face Ooooo

  • Paddie_13

    02-24 12:31:16

    D guy young nah abi because of d curves on his face na country mata

  • PhilipAmeh_01

    02-24 10:35:18

    Provided he was less than 30yrs b4 graduating,and he never served then,even at 60 he can still serve.

  • GUEST_4Jb459Y7j

    02-24 18:35:56

    Before you blame him, you have to blame your president as well, if Buhari can still be a president in this old age of he's how then will this man not serve? even somebody older than him can still serve. Buhari is more than 90yrs and he's claiming 74yrs which means that Corper is not even up to 30yrs following our president. If Buhari is 74 then that man should be 25

  • GUEST_wXb3XmOD6

    02-24 12:36:35

    Even if he is 60yrs old..He is still active..How old is your president.. and those in national assembly....

  • AkporiayeTemi

    02-23 21:24:18

    Look when someone struggles to pay school fees,hostel accommodation,feeding,textbooks,ready without hope of having good meal and among others will automatically change ones face to look like above 30 years.My brother pls obey ur clarion call.

  • +234-803313****

    02-24 21:15:28

    Hardship in the land has created a new *National Adult Service Corps, in Nigeria.

  • +TruthHurts

    02-24 20:48:10

    he looks like a boko haram corps member

  • OlokodanaBabajide

    02-24 12:37:56

    Age declaration and Affidavit from court is the solutions . The private Companies and most government won't absorbed you without Nysc certificate especially when you're above thirty years . The system calls for such smartness nothing do you my guy . God blessed Nigeria

  • GUEST_gB3pzYD3Q

    02-24 08:31:09

    look carefully the wrinkles and two sunken lines centred by his broad nose

  • DavidBoy_02

    02-23 23:48:23

    He is 28 years old from Akwa ibom

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