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OPINION: These Two Strong Politicians Can Help PDP Win 2023 Presidential Election | All Comments

2021-02-09 14:48:08
Politicians are already getting ready for the 2023 general elections with a great emphasis on the presidential contest.Although, the year 2023 is about two years ahead, but politicians understand that there is the need to start getting ready as early as po ...
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  • GUEST_eRWxZlO4n

    02-15 07:49:24

    u're very stupid! for how long will d north hold power? Who is inferior to them? Wot if Obi flies d Ticket?2023 is d turn of d South East !


    02-12 10:37:08

    Saraki is more better,

  • GUEST_3X5jOgRd4

    02-11 11:14:19

    Wine is a very good idea. But Woke and Peter Obi will be better co choice for the Presidential ticket from PDP. Alternatively, Wine and Saraki.

  • SegunWale_03

    02-11 23:02:16

    it's god

  • GUEST_3POeYpavX

    02-14 23:12:19

    Is true PDP is better than APC

  • GUEST_p9jMj302P

    02-10 21:47:50

    Good combination.

  • MichaelAting_02

    02-10 04:31:46

    well with God all things are possible I gree with you.


    02-10 21:10:45

    very good ambition

  • GUEST_myJ4wZV8W

    02-09 19:36:36

    Let God decides on it

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