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Reactions as Arsenal Youngster Feels he Disappointed his Dad by Snubbing Nigeria | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:00:19
Arsenal youngster Bukayo Saka has admitted his dad was somehow disappointed in him when he chose to play for England over Nigeria, according to reports.   Saka reportedly stated in an interview with Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, that most of his family mem ...
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    02-02 16:31:10

    You have your life to live so you choice the best option that you think is the best for you. Good luck to you.

  • Dido84

    02-03 00:13:53

    we are not missing you

  • NicksSmoke_01

    02-02 20:19:11

    those who supported him to choose England, will also supported his bench career in England or out of the teem ...

  • GideonEbhos

    02-02 18:11:15

    Thank God u chose England my dear. Assuming u choose Nigeria my people for don see say u r not a good player. The criticism will be very high

  • +234-803313****

    02-02 17:27:29

    He was such a cute chap, in his younger days.


    02-02 23:40:56

    You go. nor be you go fit make Nigeria proud.

  • MuhammedUsman_04

    02-02 18:21:59

    e concern me? the money will go to you, your family pocket. Nigeria na helele country.

  • AkinolaAdeyeye_01

    02-03 11:35:05

    your dad doesn't need to be disappointed, rather he should be expecting your disappointment soon from that decision you took, for I know you will soon be over look for selection.

  • Peterbitrus

    02-03 02:18:15

    you disappointed your self

  • GUEST_8DL66BwbJ

    02-02 18:29:14

    Nice decision,you don't have to regret.

  • DeleSolomon_02

    02-02 17:26:09

    abegi na u get ur choice o

  • Pengame

    02-02 18:17:42

    I liked the fact that Saka always identified with his Nigerian heritage. All the best in your Three Lions journey.

  • IhejirikaOkechukwu

    02-04 23:35:59

    that's your business. without you Nigeria will still grow bigger.


    02-02 19:38:49

    No problem when you chop bench for England you will know you dissapointed yourself not your father if at all they call you into three lion team

  • GUEST_zwpNJx6MY

    02-02 18:02:19

    You did well with that choice. Just as your parents made a good choice to leave Nigeria to work in England. Nigerian environment wouldn't shoot you up this way. Congratulations young man. Greater heights.

  • GUEST_8DL66BwbJ

    02-02 18:27:40

    Time for Igbo leaders to stand and defend the Igbo before they systematically exterminate the Igbo youths.

  • OfonmbukSampson_01

    02-02 23:45:35

    The Bobo is regretting his decision because he has come to realise that the 😽😽😽 will not use him

  • GUEST_p0ED3QjMp

    02-02 18:40:03

    this is rubbish

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