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‘When you have Ronaldo with you, you always start 1-0’ – says Vieri | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:01:54
Former Juventus star Christian Vieri believes Juventus Coach Andre Pirlo will win so many Trophies for the club as He has so many talented and exceptional players. The former Juventus forward Vieri believes Juventus are capable of winning any trophy due to ...
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    02-02 16:36:04

    Rolando is good, no doubt. But his presence doesn't guarantee success in any form.

  • OkunOmokhudu_01

    02-02 17:16:34

    Lame talk. Vieri was all brawns and no brains. So Juventus playing against Bayern gives them 1 goal ahead. Lmao Even when he was at Real Madrid how many time did he win the pichichi. I beg tells another thing

  • BabaCollinsOkwudiri

    02-03 00:48:24


  • WilsonOgechukwu

    02-02 23:23:07

    Sure talk bro,its 1-0/up with Cr7 in ur team.this he proved again as he scores 2 past inter today in d copa Italians to make Juve progress.

  • Jetfrysons

    02-02 18:23:13

    That is the perfect truth

  • +234706501****

    02-02 16:27:28

    let him go and sit down

  • AbassIshola_02

    02-02 20:35:02

    That's absolutely pure fact...

  • SulaimanLaji

    02-03 07:08:37

    Ronaldo's presence in a match is an away goal point already, which is a plus to the club....

  • RachyberryChukwu

    02-02 16:00:14

    this is true word. once u have CR7 in ur team u already 2-0 up

  • D,Grin

    02-03 09:58:33

    the king of football

  • unclemule

    02-03 04:06:22

    true as cr7 scores a brace against inter in copper Italia.

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