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5 Players Manchester United Signed On A Transfer Deadline Day | All Comments

2021-02-02 18:29:53
The European and EPL giants, Manchester United have had a long history of making deadline day signings into their club in the transfer windows. Most of these players came into the club and proved their worth as they made remarkable impacts to the success o ...
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  • Kenneth_alex

    02-03 15:03:05

    Rooney was great, I also enjoyed Berbatov strikes.

  • GUEST_8w6qqmRLq

    02-04 07:39:27

    1. I enjoyed Rooney follow by Berbatov

  • GUEST_vV0b3Vyyz

    02-03 18:48:02

    Only Rooney and Barbatove appeared as a united sing ,the rest are just a Name

  • Up2date

    02-03 11:56:07

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    02-03 22:14:05

    Edison cavani

  • OsIvanHeart

    02-16 06:56:01


  • GUEST_Qm2Qab20V

    02-06 04:58:14

    They are all good players!!!!

  • GUEST_OP60aEVm2

    02-05 20:51:04


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