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Sheikh Gumi Blows Hot, Read What He Said To CAN For Asking Him To Retract His Comments On Soldiers | All Comments

2021-03-04 02:14:49
Renowned Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi has reacted to the recent call by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for him to withdraw the statement he made against the Christian soldiers who he accused of killing the Muslims bandits. ...
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  • Isiakio438

    03-04 04:40:29

    CAN really caused the majority of problems we're facing in this country today, they poisoned the mind of their followers, incite hatred in their heart against Islam.. so fast to jump into conclusion without a verification.. DUMB CAN.

  • SanusiIbrahim_10

    03-04 05:19:32

    Am still not convinced of Sheikh statement if the statements made by him that Christian Soldiers are killing the Muslims bandits, meaning the Muslims soldiers are in support of the Muslims bandits, then the war will never come to an end, Sheikh Gumi is equally saying all Muslims soldiers are members of the bandits is a laughable


    03-04 04:24:30

    A bandit is a criminal and should be killed,the Christian soldiers do kill them because Muslim ones and the likes of Gumi try to protect them.Ones a bandits whether Christian or Muslim should be killed.


    03-04 03:22:12

    CAN shd take this man to court, he is the sponsor of boko haram.

  • GUEST_V6LkeZeAe

    03-04 10:50:34

    A terrorist is always a terrorist they don't repent even if they are caught in the act sad

  • Tooblessed

    03-04 06:45:54

    Gumi himself must be benefiting from the ransom being paid to the bandits.

  • OnyiAdida_01

    03-04 05:51:30

    My only comment on this is gladly that d C-in-C has thought it wise and timely to eliminate all AK47 carriers. Let's see who are those to be "taken out".

  • GUEST_4Mdn38N6B

    03-04 05:25:36

    Gumi himself is the father of terrorists. It's only in Nigeria that this kind of rubbish can happen. Going to the bush to talk to bandit killing Nigeria and pleading for them. The reverse is the case. It's Muslim soldiers killing the Christians in line with their ethnic cleansing agenda. The soldiers themselves have accused Buratai of turning the military into Fulani Muslims. Nigerians is aware of all of this.

  • Wabane

    03-04 05:21:34

    I think Gumi is playing mind game now. The aim is to divide Nigeria on religious lines. If that's successful, then the issue of Fulani herders and banditry will die down. In my opinion, CAN should leave Gumi alone for Nigerians to judge

  • WuamBarns

    03-04 04:46:05

    We're no more talking about insecurity but religion ; Muslims supporting Gumi while Christians supporting CAN. Gumi is even insulting...CAN OF WORM...

  • GeeBosd

    03-06 17:45:16

    CAN, CANnot do anything they are just a empty can

  • OlawaleOlaniyan_02

    03-04 06:37:51

    What a country. A person like Gumi by now should be facing profiling and charges on terrorism. This Gumi is doing the unfinished work of his father the late Gumi, the perfect antichrist.

  • OliverIbenne_01

    03-04 06:34:26

    Gumi is still fanning amber of disunity in this country.

  • GUEST_n7WR0Pd1j

    03-04 06:11:17

    This man going too far

  • olaobembe

    03-04 05:51:28

    Please ask ﹰCaptain ﹰGumi Rtd whether he had Christian soldiers under him while on service and how did he divided them to work. Fanatism, bigotry and discrimination against other Nigerian is a sickness worrying northern leaders in the name of Arewa madness. God help Nigeria and silence sucessionist among us. Up Naija.

  • Henryoviawe

    03-04 05:05:19

    There are many terrorists in Nigeria

  • OgobuchiNwonuTheophilus

    03-04 06:26:35

    the problem I have with CAN is that they are too peaceful otherwise why not take gumi to Court

  • ibrahimtauheed

    03-04 04:15:36

    you people hard him clearly, if you are not satisfied with what he said earlier, there is Court you channel your challenge but also understand his wards, before you held to court find out what said before either true or false before you go and shame yourself in the court of law

  • Godofheaven

    03-06 21:58:45

    ds man s a child of d devil, very soon he will understand dt d God of xtians s not god of moham"MAD" which always suck humans blood!!!

  • AnijekwuFelix

    03-06 20:52:54

    Who are we preserving the country for?

  • +234-0813304****

    03-04 10:05:48

    is only Christian soldiers killing islam bandits are bandits not criminals are criminal not to be killed. if Christian soldiers kill them dey are doing there work but the whole terrorist we have in Nigeria are from islam why

  • GUEST_0Eeypd3QX

    03-04 09:04:39

    let the idiot terrorist provide video evidence

  • AdebayoAdejumobi_02

    03-04 08:30:30

    What do one expect from a corrupted criminally minded person like Gumi if he doesn't project and defend bandits of which he is an accomplice

  • princess-Pere

    03-04 07:05:03

    Very soon northern Muslims will tell us the bandits are sponsor by Christians, or their are Christians, I can remember when they were accusing Johnathan and Christians that they are the sponsor of Muslims Islamic terrorists herdsmen murderers bandits killers in the north, and I asked why is that Muslims like killing destruction, and after killing destroyed, they will turn round and look for who to blame,

  • GUEST_pA6godOeA

    03-04 06:36:21

    Gumi is a former military man, l learnt he left the nigerian army with the rank of captain. Now he is a Muslim religious leader and he told the world that soldiers who are Muslims in the nigerian military do not kill bandits or satanic herdsmen! That is this set of soldiers do not fight for the sovereignty and peace of nigeria. The only danger I saw in the statement is that military men who are Christians in the nigerian service can be shot from the back by soldiers who are Muslims or from the front by Fulani bandits or Boko Haram. Learn not to fight a man that is the mud. Or be careful because that is his environment.

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