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Igbo Man Reveals What Happened To Him When He Was Speaking Igbo On The Phone In America | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:38:47
The United States is probably the country with the most diverse people living in it. Asians, South Americans, Europeans and Africans all live in the country and many of them have even become legal citizens of the country. As such it is not something that s ...
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  • OluyemiAkin

    02-02 18:47:45

    Good but it's not enough to speak Igbo without teaching your children. Ensure you promote the language from generation to generation. So ensure you tell your children how important it is to transfer to their children.

  • +234-0802154****

    02-02 17:16:19

    I luv Igbo die 💪💪💪

  • +234-0904656****

    02-02 19:53:44

    wwe must be proud of our identity.nomather were we are makana onye kpoo ogo ya mkpokoro umuaka ewere ya gwurie egwuwe must be proud of our identity and culture. makana nku di na mba na ehere mba nri. igbo bu igbo kweenu kwezounooo iseeee

  • EmekaNwankwo_15

    02-02 20:01:21

    nwanne do not think of coming back now,cus obodo bu igwe.

  • UgochukwuOnuoha_02

    02-02 21:04:59

    good one

  • UdochukwuEnouch

    02-02 22:50:27

    igbo language is spoken all over the hence the ibo's. are. All over the world.

  • GUEST_n5lq8edvj

    02-02 21:24:26

    they are cocaine Pusher in America

  • GUEST_bnxwQYNoz

    02-03 12:47:18

    Igbo ndi nji eme onu ,ekele m unu. I am proud to be an Igbo woman, but there's one problem, my children not speak Igbo, I'm not happy about it, it's my fault and I want to correct it. .

  • Achukwubundumonyewuenyijesu

    02-03 00:19:14

    Israel is brother of America and same Israel and America is a brother to Igbo Biafra too

  • +234-703925xxxx

    02-02 20:51:35

    Igbos are formidable.

  • AUJahAugustine

    02-02 19:23:14

    anywhere you enter and you don't see Igbo man nwanne bochaaaa!!!

  • GUEST_m6pyKVmgV

    02-02 18:01:18

    Nwannem Igbo amaka, proudly Igbo

  • +1842

    02-02 19:51:49

    The hate Igbo for a good reason,their success is intimidating.


    02-02 19:39:50

    wait, this is why we don't have any igbo population again in Nigeria because the are all abroad

  • OnyeVitus

    02-03 08:56:10

    No place like home, teach your children your local language.

  • OkechukwuGeraldOnyebukwa

    02-03 02:28:56

    everybody should be proud of his/her native tongue and be able to speak it

  • PeterUba_04

    02-02 18:58:58

    adighi ama aka igbo bu ebe ejedebere ma CHIUKWU OKIKE GASIA

  • Paulemordi2006

    02-02 17:52:40

    that's great Igbo's are every where

  • Achukwubundumonyewuenyijesu

    02-03 00:14:17

    America is a name of Igbo which is A meri ca or (ca/ka).

  • Pichichi

    02-02 22:06:51

    Igbo amaka

  • HyacinthGold

    02-02 19:07:13

    There are a lot of Igbos in New Jersey where I live

  • GUEST_aqROrkN4v

    02-04 09:18:01

    nwanna idi uto


    02-03 18:09:52

    Igbo ga adiriri ruo mgbe ebighiebi.

  • ObiomaAmaka

    02-03 07:25:18

    Blessed are the the people of Biafrans

  • CharlesMaidugu

    02-02 22:52:01

    Una de try.Igbo kwenu

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