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"Nnamdi Kanu & Sunday Igboho Should Be Ready To Face The Law" - Fulani Lady Called To Bar Declares | All Comments

2021-02-02 17:42:58
A pretty Fulani law identified as Kaisha Abu-labah is currently under fire after she revealed what she intends to do to leader of proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and foremost Yoruba activist, Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo aka Igboho as s ...
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  • Samaco1980

    02-02 20:42:02

    beautiful girl born in a wrong place. you better die and come back alive in igboland as a new born baby

  • PrinceOyileh

    02-02 20:00:44

    You are very stupid. You don't know what you are saying. even the president of this country can not dare touch kanu


    02-02 19:12:55

    which law, do you have law in your country. do you know law and what is law?

  • RichardSharod

    02-02 19:49:28

    ur just a baby. rather stay focus on ur career

  • JohnsonGoodness_01

    02-02 20:11:38

    l don't think u have something so serious doing


    02-02 19:14:59

    fine girl don't wait your time and energy on way you cannot do anything about, as you are a pretty Lady like this, please can I buy your time tonight fine girl.

  • KehindeAdewale_06

    02-02 20:49:17

    stupid Fulani lawyer, why don't bring your family that doesn't know how to work than to kidnapped, rape, steal and killed before the law. you should thank God that you are a futunist, how did you do it.

  • BidemiUsman_01

    02-02 20:23:40

    Which of the Law please? is it the one for the North or the one for South?

  • +234-803831****

    02-02 20:20:54

    Is it because they chase your criminal boyfriends that made u to speak the funny English nah

  • +234-80638*****

    02-02 20:26:58

    Nne you fine hoo-ha..I know say u wan show ur face...ndi bar!

  • uj2018

    02-02 19:25:26

    mumu na u be first person dey cal to bar, abeg go n sleep

  • GUEST_L3woDlBgb

    02-02 19:16:23

    yes is good to face the law but what of Fulani and boko Haram wait ing there face to kill people 🐐 goat God punish you idot

  • RayoRayo

    02-03 00:21:10

    I want to kill yourself

  • CedarHenry

    02-02 21:45:07

    if no be say u beautiful,I would have said tinder fire you

  • +234-0703949****

    02-03 20:04:34

    ah,ah, ekpe ah swear make God nno let us misyan instead of receiving congratulations massage a nna swear you chose that's good

  • MigelGacia

    02-03 11:08:38

    A Descendants of uncircumcised people. Alamajiri fulani. you have the mouth to talk to the children of God. l don't blame you kaisha

  • Faces

    02-03 10:55:11

    ..after the trial of the resigned/ retired service Chiefs!


    02-03 08:02:47

    u are stupid u so call Fulani's ,when ur killing the Igbo, Yoruba's u mad Fulani s u did not face the law if they bone ur four farther well try it u see WAR

  • ChukwudiDidacusNweke

    02-03 07:41:01


  • AbiodunAbayomi_03

    02-03 07:16:42

    fulani girl.am nt suprise.

  • GUEST_rOLol6l5G

    02-03 06:59:50

    look at this rat. what about those of ur useless,rappists and murderers.u stupid goat

  • winningthestruggle.

    02-03 06:42:57

    They should face the law for defending their people right. And your killer herdsmen will be paid handsomely for killing and raping the innocents. May the thunder destroy the tribe called fulani.

  • RayoRayo

    02-03 00:26:28

    Nigeria we must separate

  • MartonsOluoha

    02-02 23:16:24

    u are still in yr mother ,u don't know anything about law..u have no father ,born to die..that law will kill through abortion.cattle.

  • InnocentRebecca

    02-02 23:00:53

    animal charge and bail lawyer, they and see

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