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Bitter truth! Eden Hazard finally reveals the truth that might hurt many Chelsea fans emotionally | All Comments

2021-02-08 22:04:54
Despite leaving Chelsea for Real Madrid after 7 years, Chelsea fans still loved Eden because he left in an honourable way, winning the Europa league for the blues in his final season at Chelsea. ...
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  • GeorgeOluwatayo

    02-09 07:03:11

    What is disappointing in that? He was a kid and he behaved like a kid. When he became a man, he left Childish behaviour, period

  • EmmaPeculiar

    02-09 13:05:39

    Mr writer you well so?

  • +234-0703052****

    02-09 03:37:08

    Lazy writer, a kid is different from an adult!!! as it's crystal clear he chose chelsea over arsenal as an adult.

  • Adelekeshadrack

    02-09 08:33:25

    What concern Chelsea with that, he's now a Madrid player.

  • fasanuabayomi

    02-09 07:52:19

    and so what? Lampard grew up as a westham fan and later been a chelsea fan.

  • GUEST_xJjQRZpnx

    02-10 19:36:09

    Stupid headline

  • GideonEbhos

    02-09 02:47:24

    It’s normal na

  • MarioIyke_01

    02-09 08:30:44

    His bitter truth have already hurt Arsenal, by playing for Chelsea and sscoring fabulous goals against them. Chelsea still love him as one of the great.

  • SalamiRafiu_01

    02-09 01:11:39

    but why should Chelsea fans be shocked because of this revelation. After all he really performed well for Chelsea even when his team met Arsenal.

  • ObasiDeKingIsreal

    02-09 16:27:15

    problem dey oooo for premier league

  • KingKhazic

    02-09 08:02:14

    tell them

  • OyiboSunday

    02-10 22:10:20

    oga writer hungry go kill u

  • GUEST_EWgob6pjq

    02-10 02:45:56

    When he was a kid, he liked Arsenal. Don't forget, that's because he was a KID. Now that he's no longer a kid and sees things from a mature point of view, he chose Chelsea. I don't see how or why that should "hurt" any Chelsea fan.

  • GUEST_egw4y1L77

    02-09 10:21:54

    As a Chelsea fan I'm not disappointed with Hazard because throughout his time at Chelsea he was arsenal's nightmare. He destroyed arsenal so many times I love him

  • SihkihruhTihmohthy

    02-09 08:19:17

    senseless judgement. A kid has to behave like kid .His performance against ARSENAL was superb

  • AdedayoAderibigbe

    02-10 18:57:01

    writer of lies, remain mute. This is not necessary

  • SPTJohnn

    02-10 07:33:40

    Eden Hazard should not say anything, he's no longer in the club.

  • GUEST_9qJ2qRw19

    02-09 18:55:31

    This doesn't matter it was then wen he was a child that was long ago its not an issue

  • BayokoEbi

    02-09 14:20:38

    the first team I supported was FC Porto before joining Chelsea

  • AkorSSalisu

    02-09 11:14:27

    Make una tell them, we still love ❤️ Hazard oo


    02-09 11:15:01

    even Starling was of Zebra fan during his kid time as he reveal, but that doesn't have any issue to do with business.. support or no support, Business is business👌

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