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Today's News: Buhari Condemns Killing Of 53 Traders In Niger Republic, Wanted Serial Killer Arrested | All Comments

2021-03-18 04:43:53
Buhari condemns the assassination of 53 traders in the Niger Republic.President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the attack on a convoy returning from a weekly market in the Niger Republic's Tillaberi region, which resulted in the deaths of a number of citizens. ...
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  • MagumOpus

    03-18 06:33:43

    Which Buhari? Spare me all these?

  • AdedayoLekan

    03-18 10:51:57

    D killing in your country Nigeria, have you arrested anyone yet, issuing empty threat to the neighbouring country

  • [email protected]

    03-18 06:16:04

    This shows that buhari is not from Nigeria

  • SuleimanBJAbdullahi

    03-18 21:45:25

    All's Nigerians politician's he know go better for unah


    03-18 16:11:29

    That is where his loyalty lies now!

  • GUEST_RMj9Lg4p6

    03-19 10:47:45

    PMB, l may ask you as a head of our nation's affairs. sir, why the killings here and there since your assumption of office as the President of FRN. did you soil your hand in blood before being the President of Nigeria, if so, tell me l will wash it off for you. Tt is a taboo, your evils are treating the entire nation.

  • GUEST_zGrErpmNg

    03-19 02:09:53

    Hahahaha. The man impersonating buhari now is from Niger republic. Cloned buhari! he built a road in Nigeria n named it after Niger republic sitting president. Nigeria ntooo!

  • +234-0803241****

    03-18 13:36:10

    DVD without lens president that can not secured his own country, but talking about others country. very useless

  • IBMshelia

    03-18 16:33:30

    It seems he has more interest in Niger than Nigeria and they may not want us to say the truth.

  • Emewusimjude

    03-19 10:47:24

    Trying to fetch water for another woman's child to drink, when your own child has been crying for a cup of water for over a week without an answer from the caring father, what a hypocrite.

  • +234-0807055****

    03-18 18:58:29

    he is fast in condemning the killings in Niger because that is where he comes from

  • +234-813509****

    03-18 14:44:37

    Jubril Al sudani, go back to your country Niger Republic where you belong

  • EwuzieUchenna

    03-18 14:09:57

    Condolences President of the Fulani republic of Northern Nigeria.

  • GUEST_1mZkLxL8E

    03-18 13:00:26

    Buhari is more of Niger Republic than being Nigerian,you see him taking railroad to Niger.God Dee o

  • GUEST_L9am7Vwmp

    03-18 12:37:57

    Shameless President of the century.

  • +27-61422****

    03-18 07:04:01


  • AlabaOryanah

    03-18 06:56:24

    Mr. President, you never try to apprehended the bandits parading Rocket Propels Grenades all over your country holding innocent students to Ransom, Abi we should send our DSS, NSA, FBI and the Nigeria police to help Niger Republic now again...???

  • tolababs

    03-20 07:46:47

    A blind my leading the way for the health once.

  • ScholaOkafor

    03-19 12:10:31

    Forget about Niger republic and face your own country that is on fire. Your house is on fire and you still have time to chase rat.


    03-19 08:12:42

    wonder shall never end

  • AdeyeyeBolarinwaJones

    03-19 02:19:03

    Baba, charity begins at home sir.

  • GUEST_B0me4kwEg

    03-18 18:56:18

    after condemn ,what next ?


    03-18 06:45:01

    Where is the Buhari

  • GUEST_j2bKGedpJ

    03-19 08:16:39

    You condemned the killing in Niger republic but the killing in Nigerian is normal this is a prove that you are not a Nigerian

  • DaHermit

    03-19 00:45:20

    Niger Republic, please you guys should come and collect Buhari. He's the best president you will have have. Please take him for free and don't return him back..

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