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Today's News: Nigerian Army Speaks On Secret Killing Of 6 Igbo Soldiers, Gov. Zulum Sacks Dr. Kwaya | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:43:44
Here is today news you need to know - Nigerian Army Speaks On Secret Killing Of 6 Igbo Soldiers The Nigerian Army has responded to the allegation laid on them concerning the death of six soldiers of Igbo extraction. The soldiers were killed according to th ...
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  • ConwellEbebu

    02-02 17:29:54

    Prove ur innocence with the 6 alledged executed soldiers on open tv nation wide for people to see. I hope the military will not come up with a flemsy defence that they never execute any soldiers may be it is unknown soldiers that must have done that, or we use only blank bullets and that we never use live bullets.

  • giwa4sure

    02-02 19:41:28

    no be war them dey find

  • GUEST_nQOW3pd0J

    02-02 20:20:52

    The blood of these guys will hunt brutaia and his generation

  • SimeonNwokocha_01

    02-02 20:57:57

    I don't want to believe that the story of killing 6 Igbo soldiers is true but if it true let me tell the leadership of Ohanaeze what to do since they don't know what to do. They should immediately demand from the government the circumstances behind this semi-genocide because this handshake has passed the elbow. They should not allow the youths to do this because the consequences many may not be around to see it. The chicken is not crying to be set free but for the world to hear her voice. But now I think the Igbos are crying to be set free the world have heard enough of our cry before another world genocide

  • OnwuNkechi

    02-03 13:51:58

    O God what is all this killing in Nigeria is three much why did Hausa fulanis hate lgbos too much is not good o blood of all this innocent souls revenge divide this country let peace reign God forbid bad thing

  • OkangAgara

    02-03 12:01:49

    mr britai should explain to Nigeria why'll Igbo soldiers that man sentence to death.

  • GUEST_vpLMo2J4e

    02-03 00:23:44

    my people resign and join the moving train, don't say had i know at last

  • IdowuVictor

    02-02 23:10:23

    this nation

  • femiAlhassan

    02-02 22:16:04

    health commissioner wetin u do now wey dem sack you

  • GUEST_D6Ma236Pr

    02-02 20:58:59

    Saying the execution of igbos soldiers is tantamount to tribalistiic and regionalism which if sticked to will promote regional disparity

  • GUEST_jvoAJ1L8X

    02-03 07:29:45

    I think is high time you realize that Igbos are hated by hausa Fulani , any day our ruling class forgot sentiment and their selfishness , Igbos will be free

  • GUEST_Rqkk3XmEv

    02-02 19:22:06

    What a people of based mentality? BUHARI has offered enough opportunities to all the indigenous tribes and regions to initiate and go their sperate ways yet greed and selfish yearnings for President position have not allowed politicians and cultural leaders to converge and declare their position to the UN, EU, NATO. AU, etc with glaring reasons that have made the blackman take a lower respect than animals. When would this nonsense be addressed once and for all? Why should nations be proud!


    02-02 19:09:00

    I knew this has been long time ago

  • EfeDavid_01

    02-03 15:30:19

    They were killed by buratai to covered up a secrets of how he buratai associated with bokoharam.buratai is supporting and financing Boko haram

  • GUEST_lve77WNmN

    02-03 14:13:14

    Eastern governments are only councern of the position the occupy. Not knowing that the clock is ticking. Hausas shld bear it in mind that . O na gi adigede. Nothing last for ever.

  • GUEST_7w8v7eAQo

    02-03 07:53:59

    This is not the time to make noise about the killing of Six Igbo Soldiers .It is the time to come up with a formidable front face -face with the power that be and confront the system. Too much atrocities against Igbo nation. I think every Nigerian will be interested in this Issue.


    02-03 07:42:52

    Mr.Brutai should tell the general public the offence of those soldiers he gave d order that they should be killed Is it in connection with Orlu incident.

  • GUEST_anAZ18Kjb

    02-03 04:15:02

    May there souls rest in peace

  • ArtimasEzra

    02-03 11:32:08

    what was the army reaction? My friend, if you don't know what is news writing must you write? why wasting people valuable time on a story that has no substance. What did the Army said.

  • SteveMarse

    02-03 11:08:00

    this is wickedness

  • +234-708454****

    02-03 10:44:35

    that is good for those fools who called themselves igbo that join Nigerian army

  • GUEST_R61ggY79y

    02-03 09:12:22

    God is good, am happy for my brother, let them help us oowiwshame to Nigeria, it's obvious that they hate igbo people, let them hate let God loves, since we Igbo r the children of israel igbo r the winners, they can kill us but cannot kill our souls, shame to those bad killersbuhari kill as much igbos but you will die someday evil president

  • GUEST_vLwO0212e

    02-03 08:23:29

    Buratai deserve death

  • EbereMartins

    02-02 22:44:07

    The truth about the matter is that Buratai ordered for the killing of these Igbo soldiers whereby fulani herdsmen, kidnappers and boko haram insurgents are saints before him.

  • NwatruochaChinedu

    02-02 21:42:08


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