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Aisha Yesufu Blows Hot, See What She Said Nigerians Will Do At The Villa That Sparked Up Reactions | All Comments

2021-02-26 10:13:45
As it is known, terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.Terrorism has never been a friend of any country and this particularly has been really affecting our country, Nigeria ...
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  • JonathanUkeh

    02-27 21:11:35

    I will not be there because Nigerian citizens have a way of betraying others, and tribalism will be major set back, which are one of the wipons helping politicians to divide us, and we never see anything wrong with my brother if he is doing bad.


    02-26 21:18:18

    I don't want to hear any thing from Aisha Yusuf pls

  • RemiKJohnson

    02-27 03:17:12

    I never knew all this kind of nonsense will ever happened in Nigeria , the government shooting itself in the head

  • JulietChinyere_01

    02-26 16:05:21

    supported Aisha, that will be the best.

  • KubiatBassey_03

    02-26 17:42:58

    Any matured (grown up "18yrs and above") Nigerian who pretends not to know what awaits us anytime from now is a carward who can even stand and watch his/her child/children taken away by any of those insurgencies agents without outering a word. My Brother and Sisters, the out cry that will methamophes into uncontrollable/unstoppable REVOLUTION that will secreacate Nigeria jokingly is in the corner. Nigerians have been sitting on the GUNPOWDER for too long.

  • Paddie_13

    02-26 14:26:59

    Go there and see if they will tolerate dis your nonsense

  • ibezimakujobi

    02-27 23:16:51

    Nigerians must stand up now and press for the resignation of Buhari . If this is not done the entire country will become Afghanistan


    02-26 23:51:39

    I like the college of that woman Aisha it shall be way with her

  • +234-0806744****

    02-27 14:57:20

    na true talk ooo

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