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See What Nnamdi Kanu Posted That Sparked Reactions | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:42:52
Check out what Nnamdi kanu posted that sparked many reactions. Firstly, The ma identified as 'Nnamdi Okwu Kanu' is a British Nigerian Biafra political activist. He is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. Furthermore, The main aim of IPOB is to cr ...
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  • GUEST_5pnvKbQA5

    02-03 22:38:05

    A cheat must be cheated The best option is #ENDnigeriaNOW BIAFRA 🇱🇾 will bring lasting DEVELOPMENT in the Black continent of Africa #MNK is God sent but the #cabals desdain OHAMADIKE's explicit wisdom

  • DrVoweroOtomewo-Oriakhi

    02-02 14:41:26

    Aisha Yesufu you can't just open your mouth on every issue !!! Haabbaaaa !!! You can see the Nigerian Government can't do much about almost everything , including the insecurity situation.. People get to secure themselves !! Period.. So please be sensible enough to support those who are protecting themselves.

  • GUEST_ojyvoaJeP

    02-03 11:19:03

    Excellent advice let rally round n support his mission to liberate us Only d murderous wicked ones re against him n those supporting d killers re murderers...God will uplift him cos he s fighting a just cause

  • TonyNnadi

    02-03 23:30:59

    Does it mean that there are no Educated /influential persons in Hausa tribe?

  • GUEST_q0PK8Va6V

    02-02 17:11:57

    Nnamdi Kanu is a great biafran who opened the eyes of many tribes in the zoo called Nigeria except the Hausas whom have not woken up.is because they don't have educated people or brave and fearless truthful activists?


    02-03 15:21:11

    They must allow igbos go so that their will be peace in the country

  • EkwuemeChidiebere

    02-03 11:37:22

    I don't mind what ever he said us reality . let fulani come out of our forest

  • GUEST_PQlmNvjwv

    02-03 09:56:56

    Don't mind them, let them continue dying in silence until Fulani cork them inside bottle. The will not breath again.

  • AustineAguguoIhekwoaba_01

    02-02 15:49:54

    Good advice, let us act now before it's too late.

  • MbaAmbrose

    02-03 14:30:10

    The problems of Nigeria is not the entire not but one ethical group called Fulani. They want to cause war and desorption in the north cos it is not their land. when they cause it they will run back to sahel region,

  • Sezz

    02-02 17:31:58

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  • GUEST_oX9WwL2Ln

    02-04 01:18:00

    funali need greener pasture south to destroy usedn gvt

  • God'sArmy...

    02-03 22:28:46

    My Hausa People Rise Up Now Against Fulani Now! Revolutionise Africa Now!!

  • WilliamsEast

    02-03 19:25:07

    People no longer seat back and watch foreigners gather to destroy them unnecessarily.

  • GUEST_wLqwo33a1

    02-03 16:44:30

    if they like let them allow Fulani rule them for all I care all I know is to that I am a full blooded Biafra and I must part ways from this people in this zoo I have said mine

  • JoeGas

    02-03 16:25:33

    if they don't,we are ready for them

  • OkuOku_02

    02-03 16:09:03

    What is the meaning of all these cows occupying every available space in the Country?


    02-03 03:33:46

    Yes kanu has advice him right

  • GUEST_qmx7MZNoE

    02-02 22:59:21

    Umu chineke


    02-03 13:24:39

    who made in leader of ipob. What is ipob? nothing but a terrorist group formed by nnamdi kanu


    02-03 22:34:47

    Ogbaka Ejeogu is our Greatest ALLY He'll deliver us from the Hands of this killers, rapers n farm crops destroyers IJN!!!


    02-03 15:17:49

    The hausa are the cause of their problems. They allow the so called fulains to occupy their lands. They're the people that invite the foreign invaders to come along with their cows to occupied their lands


    02-03 11:43:25

    The supreme southern governor Nnamdi kanu have said it all

  • NasserUmarHassan

    02-02 18:42:32

    with this message comes more evidence of a script being followed using undesirable elements Like this to disrupt Nigeria by the french multi natinationals and govt for huge resources gold, in zamfara-katsina, north west, oil in north east, south etc we've been warned since 1984 by prof Khalifa (channels tv interview 2wks ago). Boko Haram, bandits /kidnap, and now this...and the south west quit notice,next the north will start retaliating and.. well-done France, DR congo shaping up in nigeria

  • AmakaOkafor_13

    02-02 17:56:50

    is like MNk read my comment yesterday wen one Fulani made on how they own almost everything in the country. I love what he said let them act

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