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"I Get The Guns From A Man In Niger Republic, Sell It In Nigeria"- Arrested Gun Seller Reveals (Video) | All Comments

2021-03-04 12:35:56
Since the emergence of insurgency and insecurity in Nigeria, I have always wondered how the criminals, terrorist and bandits in Nigeria gets their weapon and ammunitions but I have never gotten an answer to it. ...
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  • GUEST_43jyvX0nn

    03-04 14:12:30

    That's why it says Buhari has been surrounded by sycophant

  • +234-0706693****

    03-04 15:16:21

    fake news


    03-04 15:57:09

    They get the guns from Libya and other North African counties via Sahara desert..in connection with Iran and Lebanon where terrorist arm depot is situated.

  • babao4

    03-04 14:45:40

    when the head is bad the rest of the body surfer, Buhari s actions and inactions would end the country called Nigeria, and the name Buhari would be negatively indelible in the history of Nigeria.


    03-04 16:45:36

    god save Nigerias from the hand of evils god save us

  • +234-0815995****

    03-04 16:35:27

    and de same Nigeria government is busy constructing railways and even highway road to dt conutry call Niger republic

  • GUEST_7QDvowx9W

    03-07 21:30:27

    it is well

  • AkinolaAjilore_02

    03-04 17:57:35

    I know that neighbouring countries are culpable in the supply of arms to Nigeria

  • BishupJoes

    03-04 16:28:00

    Is it the same Niger Republic that Nigeria is building railway to connect where guns are being shipped to Nigeria by individuals. What will then happen when the railways become functional? Food for thought.

  • DanielUleh

    03-04 16:09:35

    They don't even know what is good or bad

  • GodswillOrlando

    03-04 15:50:25

    It is 💯 possible because the border between Nigeria and Niger is a dessert there is no need for them to follow road. they follow through the desert as everywhere is road. Sometimes they use donkeys to transport the guns through desert.

  • +234-803710****

    03-05 12:23:52

    now we know why federal government is constructing a railway from Nigeria to Niger.


    03-05 04:14:20

    It then seems that the 'no fly' order is a ruse if the tools of banditry and other criminalities can just stroll across the borders into Nigeria. Let's be sincere, we again have just been sold a dummy - we'll be looking into the sky for choppers when camels, etc will be bringing in the guns without hindrance.

  • OjediranMathewTaiwo

    03-05 03:00:41

    the so call Nigeria hausa Fulani leaders , politician, business men originated from this fail state called Niger and it's their country home in case of emergency

  • GabrielAlum

    03-04 23:24:56

    Let me be honest with u. The Northerners are our major set back. They brought in all these criminal elements across the borders during elections one, because they can manipulate the Hausa language, secondly, they are also Muslims. The entire thing is today bumeranging on them.


    03-04 21:37:36

    so, this is how far APC can go.

  • YoungAlvin

    03-04 20:36:56

    Failed Govt!!!

  • GUEST_5nyROXe6m

    03-04 17:38:04

    good will punish all people treating nigerian with hamenation


    03-04 17:01:58

    what about the gun's are politicence give to boy's during election.

  • GUEST_Z0mEOzvRo

    03-04 16:38:17

    Security agencies in Nigeria should be able to do a follow up on this revelation and bring all the culprits to justice. They should use this case to win back the confidence of Nigerians. Celebrated cases like this are always truncated by powers that be.

  • DanielUleh

    03-04 16:16:19

    Everything is alright to them chiiioooo this people have damaged Nigeria and that is the country that Nigeria is building relationships with building Refinery and Rayway fast track to.

  • AdeniyiOgunbanwo

    03-04 15:54:01

    I pray we know the end of this case because this one that there is confession to Government supplying ammunition, the day may die under the carpet


    03-04 15:38:41

    army, customs and immigration officials are the ones colluding and compromise on the faith of this country Nigeria. I wept for the innocent that re being killed as a result of their daily business centers activities

  • GUEST_ooXNpO4bq

    03-04 14:11:16

    De same group of people-enemies of the state and bunch of murderers

  • AdaObasiOwolabi

    03-07 03:29:52

    I'm surprised we are not save by the hands of this people

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