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Why Is Tinubu Silent On Herdsmen' Killings? | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:48:00
The Herdsmen crisis is one that has become quite alarming in the South-West region of Nigeria. In recent times, there have been cries for herdsmen to go back north to continue their grazing because they are allegedly destroying farms and killing a lot of p ...
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  • GaymeChainja

    02-02 18:58:50

    Perhaps his ambition o become president far supercede the blood of his tribesmen being shed on the regular by the killer herdsmen. There are always those that will sell their mothers for fame

  • parkerblalala

    02-02 17:14:57

    He dose not want to offend his partners in eating Nigerias national cake.

  • ThisAge

    02-02 17:14:17

    Tinubu has Lost his Voice and has been Replaced in Yoruba Land By Sunday Ighoho!!!

  • EmmanuelOchulor

    02-02 23:33:38

    In his mind if he continues to remain silent may be he will be the next president of the zoo. that is the evil mentality of black man nnamdi kanu has been preaching, not only him we have similar situation in the south east where all the governor's have decided to remain silent to all the killings of their people , hoping that somehow the fulania will pity them and give them president in 2023.

  • jchuks05

    02-02 17:39:16

    Tinubu is silent because he wants to succeed Buhari

  • OlayeyeKehinde

    02-02 21:22:55

    una get problem.tinubu na army chief,na him be president, governor,senator,reps.let him be abeg,

  • GUEST_zKzx6ADxG

    02-03 08:24:14

    Weather Tinubu speaks or not, he has lost relevance Nigeria and the Southwest

  • StephenAnigboh

    02-02 22:56:16

    he understands the game.

  • katocy

    02-02 21:23:13

    He nor wor offend bubu

  • +234-814######

    02-02 20:02:53

    So that he wont be denied Presidency ticket 2023

  • FanmemeZitimiyola

    02-02 18:54:49

    he's a betrayer and eventually he's ambition would kill him

  • GUEST_omV1Wyb9a

    02-03 07:11:23

    he wanted d 2023 presidency but NA LIE for him nothing for ojuyonbo.

  • Gabriel12

    02-03 05:23:19

    Weather he says something or not he will not be the next president. The igbos turn

  • IfenatuorahOkwunnaAnslem

    02-03 18:30:30

    He needs power, I mean he want to be Saint before he will come out for president 2023. If I hear pinn I will volt him out come 2023. baba LAGOS, DADDY WESTERN STATE'S. I salute you oooo

  • Latoms

    02-03 14:37:46


  • MuritalaJnr

    02-03 13:20:00

    Lazy blogger

  • JejelowoOluwafemi

    02-03 10:24:20

    Because of 2023 election. ls that not enough to keep quiet? God will deliver us from wicked and ungodly leaders.

  • AbelPaul_01

    02-03 09:51:09

    he doesn't want to say anything because of his presidencial ambition because he needs more vote from the north because anything he said may be use again him during the election

  • AmaduChristiana

    02-03 08:30:59

    He has place his allegiance and have signed the dead oath not to oppose his master's even if all his people will be wiped out.

  • Georgeowen

    02-03 08:05:09

    is he the president of Nigeria i don't understand oo, he's not in any post so a u people hyping him up and down for christ sake

  • Kajagugu

    02-03 00:26:22

    Because the dreamer want to be President

  • AngieNdukwe

    02-02 23:06:39

    why is the president still silent


    02-02 22:45:07

    He is being hopeful. #2023

  • GUEST_597WE37bd

    02-02 22:37:31

    He is silent because this is not Jonathan administration where him and his collaborators will go to freedom pack to protest.

  • Paddie_13

    02-02 19:30:18

    Tinubu na herdsman

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