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Why Is Tinubu Silent On Herdsmen' Killings? | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:48:00
The Herdsmen crisis is one that has become quite alarming in the South-West region of Nigeria. In recent times, there have been cries for herdsmen to go back north to continue their grazing because they are allegedly destroying farms and killing a lot of p ...
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  • DComforter'sBae

    02-03 05:48:52

    come rain come sunshine tinubu will never smell that presidential seat. He belongs to a failed ruthless party, we say no to oppressions infact no any apc candidate will rule Nigeria again

  • AhmedZetoSadiq

    02-02 23:17:48

    what did you want him to say? useless writer

  • +234-803596****

    02-02 21:55:08

    Do you want him to loose 2023 presidential ticket from Baba? please ooh, continue to keep quiet after all, you might not need your people to win.

  • GUEST_v1MjEbd91

    02-02 20:08:06

    how does that concerns tinubu is he the Nigeria president or spoke man to the president abeg leave tinubu alone

  • Rolexx

    02-02 17:50:24

    Y is that if tinubu's name is not mentioned in everything that happened in this is like some people in this country wants to die. Na wa ooo

  • BasseyUdomaSen

    02-02 19:04:46

    That cockroach! He want to be presidentšŸ¤£šŸ¤£

  • OdidereAiyekooto

    02-03 20:58:03

    He is quiet because of his inordinate ambition that will never materialise.

  • FemiJohnson_09

    02-03 16:08:51

    his balls are in his mouth

  • Deyguy_silverbird

    02-03 16:07:28

    Tinubu abeg that's na forgotten issues in yoruba land.

  • Ocfr

    02-03 13:18:11

    what do you expect him to say? is he a commander in chief?


    02-03 10:59:01

    Just because of greed. Greediness has made him to allow is brothers and sisters to be slaughtered, kidnapped n raped by the Fulanis he is serving.

  • MrQuest

    02-03 09:03:57

    Tinubu is silent because of his unrealistic political ambition of becoming the President of Nigeria in 2023...

  • PrinceIghaloMathewOsaremhen

    02-03 08:40:13

    he is a wicked and selfish man

  • +234-0816505****

    02-03 07:04:47

    Because he wants to be president na.

  • rosetony

    02-03 04:34:02

    the wan he do,who e epp?shey he carry our vote dash dem?ehn,dem don collect him voice,he canno talk again

  • GUEST_ojyvoaJeP

    02-02 23:53:00

    He s amurderer supporting d killers cos of 2023 presido,he s a Big failure n will remain so

  • okechukwuchibueze

    02-02 23:51:11

    Tinubu have to remain silent because he's part of problems we're having here in Nigeria.

  • ayoboedwin

    02-02 23:00:21

    what of Atiku can't he speak they caused Boko Haram yet u people are blaming someone else

  • GUEST_2545LmjYp

    02-02 22:53:45

    Tinubu and Seyi Mankinde who is silent?

  • OgidiOkechukwu

    02-02 22:52:24

    Tinubu is no longer the same man I know


    02-02 22:43:01

    He is being hopeful.

  • @SOP+234703932****

    02-02 21:29:06

    Tinubu was not only the Yoruba leader , you ppls should leave this man and let him be. all this are out of politics.

  • GUEST_1W0j3q4lE

    02-02 19:50:54

    Because he wants to be president, he does not want to offend the north

  • emediongIdiong

    02-02 18:39:55


  • HelenOmoruyi

    02-02 17:27:45

    he wants to be in aso rock by 2023. he can't afford to step on Fulani toe

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