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DNA: A Man Is Allegedly Battling For His Life After His Wife Said This To Him About Their Children | All Comments

2021-02-08 14:22:48
It seems that after the DNA scandals that broke out in the country towards the end of 2020 involving some elites in the country, it's wave has since then been on the trend and many husbands seem to have resorted to the test as a means to prove their long ...
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  • PoirotHercule

    02-08 16:54:29

    Hahahaha, this is the reason why having a Baby Mama is the best decision for now.

  • GUEST_ojyvoaJeP

    02-08 16:48:16

    Tnk God for DNA,Some women re more devilish than d devil

  • MarcTwain

    02-08 15:31:43

    Fear women or perish.

  • +234-0806761****

    02-08 17:03:28

    hahahahahaha so pathetic, I was at d hospital one day,a doctor was telling me a woman who is in d labour room with d husband, telling his fellow doctor that the baby is not d woman husband child as d woman claim. is everywhere right now.

  • OlaosebikanFagbemi_01

    02-08 18:19:10

    Readers I can never do a DNA test what am I will looking for in as much my wife didn't tell me that am not the father of my children the trust I have in her should stand as it's trying to do other wise it's to the detriment of my health

  • GUEST_r8VPdV2o2

    02-08 17:02:00

    It is good for men as most of them cheat. Now women are giving them 6 for 9.


    02-08 17:30:23

    My father said wetin one find he see. if you look for gold you see gold. Trouble dey cooler iyanga wake am

  • ThomasIgwe_01

    02-08 19:21:29

    Women!!!! daughters of eve.

  • MikeobaroObaro

    02-08 17:08:22

    Yoruba women especially.

  • GUEST_oAreLL7Wy

    02-08 20:00:20

    If are am n with a wife and kids stop comments you have a lot of home work to do.

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