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Southerners, Stop Attacking Herdsmen, Counter Attacks in the North will be Difficult to Control | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:22:59
Following the attack on Fulani Herdsmen by the people of the Southern regions of Nigeria and the eviction notice given to them wherever they go in the south. The elder statesman of Kano origin, Alhaji Bashir Tofa has called on the Southerners to stop becau ...
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  • GUEST_Wlyap1Gp2

    02-02 21:14:47

    Terrorist othman Tofa. Since Fulani have been killing Nigerians no one heard your voice. Animal

  • +234-805256****

    02-02 20:43:50

    I don't understand if these people don't get the message. The herdsmen sent aware are ones leaving in the state forest without authority and causing trouble for the host community. The ones legally doing their business are left alone.

  • +234-806453****

    02-02 21:02:26

    Alhaji TOFA, your kit and kin in the South who are herders are terrorists and criminals! Please address this fact FIRST. If you should ever apprehend any Southerner who is raping your women folk, maiming the villagers and pillaging and carting away their property, then pls deal with that person, thoroughly. But don't you ask ask us Southerners to sacrifice our family for the comfort of your cattle.

  • HenryChukwunyere

    02-02 21:15:16

    I thought he is dead, so where has he been all this while his kinsman have been maiming and killing people?

  • GUEST_PwQGqqxA1

    02-02 20:42:55

    but since fulanis has been killing ppl, we never hear you one condem their actions sir?

  • GUEST_qDgEwXwnw

    02-02 21:29:42

    Talk to your Fulanis herdsmens brother to stop killing innocent Nigerians, No body will fold his or her hands anymore to allow Fulanis to come and kill him, we are now in operation Defence your self.

  • GUEST_dVYA4j359

    02-02 21:23:59

    with this baba age he can stand an say the true to tel Fulani to stop disgrace north with their criminal activities across the nation all finger's are pointing at Fulani with kindnaper and rape killing Fulani will know before are not like this but everything turn round to be bad for them

  • GUEST_m6pyKVmgV

    02-02 20:46:37

    you are talking trash old fool, start and let see the outcome

  • +234-803898****

    02-02 21:57:04

    I said it earlier on that the atitute of tepidity is causing most northern leaders more harm than good, because, they will see their children planing evil and they will keep quiet untill it escalates. They will condem others while theirs are untoucheables. Alhaji Tofa did not see anything bad in Fulani herdsmen invading communities and killing people in dozens but will talk because anointed men and born to rule were slightly touched.

  • +234-0705622****

    02-02 21:49:34

    Tofa now get voice to talk, he should start his campaign against Southerners in the North and see how it will end. Oloshious fellow.

  • FagbemiAdeoluwa

    02-02 21:10:36

    The onslaught is on the Fulani terrorists living in the forest and rapid,killing and destroying farm produce.So don't know how you can't differentiate between a terrorist and a human being.

  • JoelOlabode

    02-02 21:33:50

    How many dastard acts has the Notherners recorded about the southerners living in their land for this long ? Imagine the derogatory words coming out of the so-called Nothern elders.

  • giwa4sure

    02-02 21:32:07

    All the southerners they have been killing since how many of they have been brought to justice

  • GregoryOkoh

    02-03 20:07:53

    let someone reasonable Call fulanis to order, before we have presidents and presidents have tribesmen even Mr integrity refuse to caution them

  • TochukwuOkigwe

    02-03 09:13:22

    counter attack kill Tofa there. idiotic old fool

  • OnyeukoPatrick

    02-02 21:54:45

    This man should know that there is difference b/w hausa and Fulani. Even the hausas are also marginalize like the southerns

  • 0907*******

    02-02 21:43:20

    southerners should stop for fulanis to continue to rape, kidnap , destroy the farms of Southerners

  • GUEST_2Ez4VbeJB

    02-02 21:21:16

    Funanis thinks that North is happy when funanis is the one killing North, so that they funanis brothers and sisters from other African can occupy


    02-02 21:04:28

    do your worst

  • DanielOlusesi

    02-02 20:58:00

    We are fully prepared waiting for u people in the North to attack us oloriburuku somebody thunder will fire u..

  • Asogwaikechukwu_01

    02-02 20:43:08

    is it any south in the north who is not paying for his stay


    02-03 19:59:13

    please can we be allowed to train pigs in sokoto if Nigerians are free to stay anywhere in Nigeria and do business

  • Concernforsouls

    02-03 09:53:40

    It's deceitful to turn Fulani herdsmen trouble to become a northern affair. Don't drag the peaceful north into it. Southern Kaduna is not finding it funny with them, as the people of plateau state, Benue state, Nasarawa state, Taraba state etc. If the Fulani elders can own up to accept what their people in southern states have become in the forests where they camp, they'll be called to order. One ethnic group cannot be causing trouble here and there and expects the entire north to be dragged into it. That's manipulation

  • SamuelKing_02

    02-03 06:38:46

    south can not fold their hands and watch fulani headsmen destroy their farmland and kill their farmers, and for your information, southerners are not chasing away all fulani's

  • JamesKcKenechi

    02-03 02:00:42

    he is a mad man. so the Fulani raping, destruction of farms, kidnapping and killing in the south is love romance. u people shouldn't worry, it is gradually fulling to brim. don't caution urself. I assure u it is going to be as before.

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