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Ilorin Crisis: ‘They were throwing stones at us’- Injured Protester | All Comments

2021-03-17 11:53:35
It has been reported today that some Christians are protesting against the reopening of some schools in Ilorin which have been temporarily locked down by the government.The protesting Christians claim that the state government should not order the reopenin ...
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  • GUEST_VOoyP6vkk

    03-17 16:21:49

    APC make Nigeria become banana republic

  • +234-0803262****

    03-17 15:29:27

    Religion, our no one enemy in Nigeria

  • GUEST_oD3mGZGq7

    03-17 17:58:31

    That's APC for you problem all over Nigeria God will help us

  • sealord71

    03-17 23:23:00

    moslems worldwide are born trouble makers born terrorists why?

  • GUEST_pa2xozOPz

    03-17 14:23:04

    Muslims are the problem of the world.. such a religion.excluding Yoruba Muslims.

  • GUEST_2nv9z78Vb

    03-17 16:54:16

    Somme people comment here no get sence or bias government says let Creatian practice their religion and also Muslim what else

  • GUEST_885YO9mp6

    03-17 14:18:38

    this Country problem from problem

  • GUEST_woGg0bld8

    03-17 15:52:33

    Kwara has long been conquered by islam, in fact, the entire yoruba nation are conquered pple by Islam, y are they making noise now?

  • GUEST_gyL6MLJ9g

    03-17 17:02:14

    politics, are the main problem of the country. GOD loves us, but politics don't love his people

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