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Corn season: Do you know corn fights diabetes, cancer and 8 other diseases? | All Comments

2020-07-20 14:53:32
This is the season of corn also known as maize so I decided to do a research on the amazing health benefits. I was so amazed when I found out it is packed with numerous health benefits. However you love it, boiled, roasted, processed into corn flour or cor ...
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  • DukeOtega

    07-20 20:25:00

    misleading post corn not ok for diabetes

  • +234-813457****

    07-23 16:44:15

    it is a suicidal for diabetic patient to eat corn/maise. kindly research further, please

  • +234-0809920****

    07-22 17:17:24

    Fine reply All Narrators just sit down write jargons Corn contains high content of sugar which can spike your sugar level if not eat with moderation

  • GUEST_NWq26mK1Y

    07-25 10:29:00

    roasted or cooked one

  • GUEST_A3Xnj4b6P

    07-24 21:25:31

    corn not good for diabetic patient

  • ToyinVeraAkinjayo

    07-24 18:29:25


  • GUEST_v3DYXmozO

    07-23 12:24:45

    nice one. thanks for providing facts with evidence.

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