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Hours After Sunday Igboho Stormed Ogun State, See What Shehu Sani Said that Got Northerners Talking. | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:07:32
Hours After Sunday Igboho Stormed Ogun State, See What She Sani Said that Got Northerners Talking. It no longer new to us after the Yoruba activist and politician, Sunday Igboho stormed Ogun state heavily guarded yesterday 1st February, to flush out and el ...
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  • BenjaminOpawale

    02-02 23:21:54

    Senator, this matter should not be trivialized. Sambisa forest is outside his core mandate, Sir.

  • golojoadeeyo

    02-02 23:07:32

    A Yoruba adage says 'eniti o mo ati waye olunnangun, in too mo ati lo re' that is the who knows the coming of olunnangun is bound to know his departure. It is the northerners and not Yoruba who know the emergence of B/H. They should be in the best position to know how they would cease to exit. So it is not the responsibility of Sunday Igboho or any southerner. Period.

  • +234-810265****

    02-02 22:36:31

    Igboho is a Yoruba man fighting for the Yorubas let him answer his Yoruba fathers name first before Nigeria.

  • UsmanNdagiJibril

    02-03 06:19:33

    Sunday should thread softly, we heard of baba lakee in nasarawa state who was powerful that killed so many police men during a crisis between igan tribe and Fulani, he was powerful,that was during Good luck Jonathan, but was later trackbed down by the Fulani's.just a piece of advice.


    02-02 23:02:58

    Zambesi is not a territory belongs to Sunday igboho, sani you should go and protect your territories and let Sunday igboho and Nnamdi kanu protect their own territories as well

  • AigbedionEfeJoel

    02-02 22:27:01

    when you were in the house,what did you do? now you are now pretending to be part of the masses with confused Twitter post up and down.

  • alagogok

    02-02 22:20:07

    yeye dey smell let the northerner pack their defecation that they have defecated at the sambisa forest. it is now they remember southerner. if it is the service chiefs, custom, immigration, prison, disaster Ministry, NDIC, NNPC and all the CEOs in Nigeria they will give it to fulani. Anyway we are watching as we the southerner have made of our mind to leave the Bokohamist territory called Nigeria to the fulani bokohamist terrorist. l come in peace.

  • KelechiDavidOkoroji

    02-02 21:03:23

    let the north get their own to solve their BH issues or use their herdsmen to tackle bh instead of allowing herdsmen to become problems to the country.


    02-04 09:22:11

    nah today I know say this senator no get sense at all

  • AkeemAde

    02-03 13:50:22

    Boko haram cant stop if buari still alive bcos he is the funder

  • AjayiAkande

    02-03 08:50:56

    Igboho is not a governmental force work, the uniform men should face Bokoharam. SUNDAY IGBOHO, is for YORUBA LAND, not for government. thanks.

  • Alex82

    02-03 01:25:52

    Are you planning to kill him, mind your business !!!.

  • RotimiOsunleye

    02-02 22:57:54

    One thing I know for Sheu Sani,.is that he that is down need fear no fall .Sheu Sani is a camleon,belief it or not.did it let every Nigerian know how amount he received every month as sentor my my beloved Country Nigeria then is a green snake under green grass ,Sheu Sani follow wrong part and fall to wrong road


    02-02 22:17:39

    Senator Shehu Dani does not know what is talking about, How many of his Family,Fulani kill or kidnapped

  • OdeBankoleAdedeji

    02-02 21:36:58


  • GUEST_VmD1xOavV

    02-02 20:36:01

    Get the facts right. Sunday Igboho has not killed anybody yet. he may have people that are carrying out work but not yet killings. The Nigerian army has been turned to something else, it used to be feared and respected some years back but with the trained officers corp retired you now have partly inexperienced men leading the army. How can they face BH and other fulani militia ravaging the country.

  • GUEST_ZZl2o9qKn

    02-03 17:34:16

    we don't want to hear that let Fulani's killer go to sambisa it is northerner problems they should find solution to their own problems.

  • JuliusAbioye

    02-03 11:19:20

    You guys are missing things: We have only technically defeated BH. It remains for us to philosophically, sociologically, socially, politically, religiously defeated the terrorists. Sunday Igboho is not a Republic. Do not confuse issues here. The Army is on top of the game.

  • JohnKennedy_40

    02-03 09:14:08

    let bukuharam kill all the nothanrs

  • sanjuma65

    02-03 08:47:55

    Sunday igboho is fighting for YORUBA LAND, and not for Hausa/Fulani territory


    02-02 21:38:20

    Let them use their talisman now, why the call for igboho.

  • FlorenceOna

    02-02 21:25:44

    Let him finish the job at hand first

  • AbelGlorious

    02-02 21:24:20

    Nigeria is a scam we need division

  • GUEST_5bqJbQlJw

    02-02 21:21:17

    Boko Haram is the product and business of the North This is morning, Reap what you sow.

  • +234-0701141****

    02-02 20:43:00

    Boko Haram are Northern Vigilante

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