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Stop Doing DNA, Duke Of Shomolu Advices Nigerian Men | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:26:58
After the shocking revelation by Justice Anthony Okorodas of Delta State High Court that the three children from his first marriage were not his, popular philanthropist and Investment bank, Joseph Edgar popularly known as the Duke of Shomolu has hinted tha ...
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  • SpeakTheTruth

    02-02 19:46:01

    Please do DNA if you have any doubt..... But brace up yourself for any possible outcome. It's better to know the truth and hold on to it.

  • AdeyeyeBolarinwaJones

    02-02 20:11:22

    The population of women in paradise will be very tiny.

  • GUEST_N7a7z0l6K

    02-03 10:38:31

    My advice, don't wait for years to discover the child is not yours, do your DNA test as soon as the baby is born

  • samD

    02-02 17:21:58

    Hmmmm nice advice

  • PrinceIghaloMathewOsaremhen

    02-03 10:05:39

    stupid and foolish Yoruba advice

  • IsaiahChek01

    02-03 14:34:32

    We can not institutionalize evil because it's rampant. Marrital unfaithfulness must stop.


    02-03 08:13:05

    Do the DNA if u can. Accept the children if u can. After all they were born in ur home and they call u daddy.

  • +234-803751****

    02-02 21:29:26

    it is like they are short of good stories that can help build the family life


    02-02 18:11:25

    it's a lie, man up and face reality, do the DNA test, it's your right to know wether the children are yours or not.

  • GUEST_xonDveWgR

    02-02 18:03:16

    good advice to afford heart attack.

  • Quest

    02-03 14:18:31

    I think the advice this writer is trying to pass is, many may not be able to survive the trauma of knowing the truth. The sad thing is, victims are always the innocent children. Women should stop this highly deceptive behavior, it's capable of taking life/lives.

  • SaboNasidi

    02-03 17:41:58

    Islamic point of view it is not allowed to go into on necessary investigation about the parternity of a child. As long as she's lawfully married to you and she had extra marital affairs that resulted in pregnancy that child is automatically your child because she's legally married to you no law can take away that right from you that is why Islam does not encourage DNA test

  • +44-757449****

    02-04 06:40:44

    Duke of YABA LEFT. Previously he was ARO Prince.

  • +234-806310****

    02-02 21:32:10

    It is very absurd and treacherous for a woman to betray the trust and confidence of her spouse. DNA test is very important, if there is doubt about the paternity of any child.


    02-03 07:30:00

    Mind you men,D.N.A is not 100%.....Women are really jealous😒🙄😑Why do D.N.A now?Who supervised it....The kids are innocent to be going through this.Shame on after how many years...Who called you to tell you that your kids are not yours.....Shame on you

  • Sleekvision

    02-02 21:12:33

    did this guy just say any one can sleep with his wife , hmmmm

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