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Opinion: School has just resumed and we hear of a Cultist attack, students should be careful(Photos) | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:49:38
Students have been at home for quite sometime now due to strike and the Covid-19 pandemic. Its a new years, its 2021 and students have started resuming back to school to continue with their academics. However, it still seems the activities of some of the U ...
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  • Giftedward67

    02-02 14:51:27


  • AkinyeleSanda

    02-03 14:32:01

    god we fnsh them out one by one

  • FoodArea

    02-03 11:47:18

    God na ur hand I dey

  • OnweNnamdi

    02-05 14:20:35

    kegit ain't cultists

  • Dexter5683

    02-02 16:17:14

    God help us and Save us from Cultist Attacks...

  • DrCollinsOnyebuchiIbeya

    02-03 00:14:47

    God save us from the hands of Norse men

  • AghanenuFestusDifference

    02-02 17:39:22

    the guy who held him down was him best friend. the gal friend can help the police bring down this people.

  • GUEST_5ayLp0G2O

    02-03 19:56:25


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