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A Housewife Burnt Her Husband's House Over Second Marriage uproar. | All Comments

2021-02-05 22:45:37
A housewife has set her husband's house ablaze, burnt down the house, his certificates and other valuable materials.This unfortunate incident occurred in Raba Local Government Area of Sokoto.Eye witnesses said the fire was set by the housewife. ...
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  • GUEST_30lwkJEOQ

    02-06 21:42:41

    supporters of second wife,why did the man not marry a second wife when he was struggling,though the first wife did wrong ,she did it out of anger .will the second wife come now,that there is nothing .mr writer update us. quite interesting story

  • PatienceBassey_12

    02-16 00:09:24

    may there are more to this,than we av been told,if at all the woman did that

  • danielakpam

    02-06 07:18:38

    Jealousy at it's peak!


    02-10 21:03:19

    my sis, I like what you did.if I were you I will kill two of them,men are wicked,

  • BenjaminJahaziel

    02-06 16:07:50

    what I say? well done woman u try, may be she could foresee injustice with the coming of the second wife because Qur'an allow second marriage on the basis that if the husband will do justice which will be difficult for him.

  • IfeanyichukwuSamson_02

    02-06 13:20:50

    Double Wahala

  • GUEST_gzqqWgEA6

    02-06 05:53:18

    The woman should be arrested and charge with the offence of arson,and not attempted arson because she burnt down the house

  • PatienceBassey_12

    02-16 00:08:05

    Is marrying additional wives a shocking or breaking news to a northern woman or muslems?


    02-07 11:45:24

    Is cutting the head the solution for headache?

  • +234-0806761****

    02-06 23:09:53

    when u have suffered a lot with a man and he notice that both of u has achieve greatness, he started to misbehave that is when d issue of second wife will come in

  • InjiE.Jerry

    02-06 09:19:45

    ,,, Where are the so-called Islamic clerics, hisbah and all the fanatics?? is this not more than suicide or blashfemy, imagine destroying all his certificates??. i thought the shari'a court should sentence her?.?.

  • GUEST_MaQb5vaOJ

    02-06 11:54:47

    My brother thank God and move on with your life

  • PatienceBassey_12

    02-16 00:03:08

    hmmmm,what can I say when I am not God to know the truth,except all these them say,e be like say stories.?


    02-10 20:59:31

    my s

  • wisekinggideon1

    02-06 22:28:49

    anger is very bad

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