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Common fruits that supply blood faster than malt and milk | All Comments

2021-02-08 21:14:44
Common fruits that supply blood faster than malt and milkBlood is the fluid that supplies oxygen and nutrients to your heart, lungs, organs, muscles, and other systems.Good circulation optimizes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. ...
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  • AmadiJosephineAda

    02-08 23:33:46

    thank u so much. God bless u ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

  • GUEST_dX399Mz0n

    02-09 09:22:54

    Thank you for this piece of informative advised. We now know what to take to boost our haemoglobin.


    02-09 17:16:19

    malt and milk does not supply blood rather it gives us energy.

  • +234-803328****

    02-09 15:09:00

    Why are people so dumb did you pay him for the advice .. Take what you need and leave what you donโ€™t need oga

  • davidchukwu

    02-09 11:52:49

    good advice thanks for your time

  • ZakarBakoSaidu

    02-09 09:57:30

  • EzekielLinus_02

    02-10 11:37:37

    please thank you so murch for this nice one

  • SaifullahiSani_02

    02-09 16:05:12

    OK!! get a sweet potato's leave, boil it and be drinking it

  • GUEST_D61jbopVE

    02-09 16:04:26

    you rather go straight to what you are advertising blood sauce nonsense

  • UbongUdom

    02-09 12:42:36

    This post is likely written by some drunk. Why is milk used as standard for all foods? What fruits/foods are given to a new born baby that contain all the required nutrients in adequate amounts and proportion? Post of this nature should be properly censored to avoid misleading the public because it boarders on health,that is, life.

  • Kunleypa

    02-09 05:49:43

    Malt and milk are never a good source of blood supply. Non of them contain heamoglobin which is a source of blood supply . Oga stop misleading ppl

  • GUEST_alpnDbr1E

    02-09 12:29:09

    Thanks so much for the information.appreciated


    02-09 11:50:33

    Thanks for info.

  • UmarHasan_10

    02-09 08:46:51

    good morning

  • BerryGold_04

    02-09 20:45:27



    02-09 12:23:39

    tanx for info

  • balarabeshehu

    02-09 10:13:33

    ok Dr . I don't know whether u wakeup with hang over . I advise u readers to go to hospital and find out

  • +234-907372****

    02-09 08:33:23

    hmmmm na u sabi

  • ZakarBakoSaidu

    02-09 09:55:51

    good good

  • +234-803564****

    02-09 12:03:58

    its a very good one

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