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Check Out The African Country Muslims Can Not Build Or Pray In Mosques, But Churches Are Being Built | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:18:21
Angola is a Portuguese speaking country located in the Southern part of Africa. Christianity is overwhelmingly the most populated religion in the country. Roman Catholic constitute more than half of the population.  There is freedom of religion in Angola ...
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  • SundayKuye

    02-02 20:18:49

    those countries did not want problem of Islamic terrorist

  • SanusiAli_05

    02-02 17:07:36

    Wait to read comments of fanatic Christians when a country where Christianity is not allowed is posted. That's why I hate fanatic Christians and their ideologies. They're crass hypocrites.

  • PaulAttah

    02-04 17:32:29

    Islam means war and Angola has her own war and have been looking for peace ever since. Why do you want them to add global problem called Islam?

  • GUEST_oL8gAak4k

    02-07 19:01:45

    Angola should be made the HEASQUARTER OF CHRISTIAN RELIGION IN THE WORLD,, Hence there is no other religion approved by their government,,


    02-02 16:16:02

    ok every country has it own law, one just need to abide just like Saudi Arabia

  • GUEST_gQa6vQglR

    02-02 15:55:26

    no comments why?

  • SanusiSuleymanBayo

    02-10 14:51:32

    there was a Mosque in Angola that I know before 2007

  • UsmanNdagiJibril

    02-08 11:13:44

    Islam keeps spreading and taking up everywhere in the world, waao !! Despite the discrimination, Islam will get there,don't worry .

  • WaziriMohammed_02

    02-03 15:21:35

    the 90.000 to should leave the country is not a place that they can flourish allready jhonas sabimbi have destroy the country during his era.

  • SylvanusOliverLewesoTisel

    02-03 05:34:28

    the good is that they're living in peace without insurgents attacks like some others countries that mixed with Muslims

  • Payo+

    02-09 21:23:22

    Kill them before they grow, Muslims are very very dangerous creatures


    02-08 19:18:40

    It's a pure lie

  • OgobuchiNwonuTheophilus

    02-03 05:31:27

    its their right to choose what will and will not be down in their land

  • GUEST_pxrwKM0Q0

    02-11 17:11:14

    But Homosexuality is adopted. That's why Islam hates Homosexuality.

  • +44750048****

    02-03 07:47:59

    Christianity and Islam are the two most useless religions being followed by fools and idiots. slave masters religions. evil religions

  • +233-24108****

    02-03 08:52:47

    hypocrite Christians angola is one of the hotest war zone in Africa

  • juuko

    02-06 15:22:04

    ameen ameen ameen ameen

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