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See what Kemi Olunyolo told South-West Governors to do to Sunday Igboho | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:04:40
The name Sunday Igboho is currently heard almost everywhere especially in Yoruba land because of his recent strides towards ensuring that Yoruba land is secure. The Yoruba activist who vowed to wipe criminal Fulani herdsmen off Yoruba land is beginning to ...
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  • AlagbadoOde

    02-02 16:50:48

    There's no way any governor sworn in with our present constitution can openly support Sunday and his unconventional methods without getting into trouble with the law. Only the people can give him all the supports he needed to force the hands of government to do what is legally imperative to stop the lawlessness of the herders. And the way things are going now, the man may have to go totally underground to escape the wrath of government and security forces!

  • GUEST_XP0omnrAZ

    02-02 18:04:11

    They will not support because they are afraid of their boss, the president. They are after their pockets not the safety of the people. Imagine the governor of Ogun state denying his call for Sunday for help. "YORUBA RONU".

  • FemiDipo

    02-02 18:52:24

    If they failed to support him, then they will have to join the herders to fight the Yoruba. Already, Makinde second term is lost for that singular action of his.

  • +234-0802946****

    02-02 18:09:07

    They will not support him openly because of their political ambition even if they the fulanis are killing their relatives even their biological children they won't declare their support openly because they love position than their lives. you can imagine how these Notherners elders have been accused Tinubu about what is going on in the southwest as if he Tinubu is Sunday igboho . look at how they are treating his political ambition as if fulani is the only tribe that makes up Nigera and Tinubu too keep silent since because he believed he mus become Nigera president come 2023. it doesn't matter to him if the entire Yoruba is wipe out if only he can achieve his ambition.

  • GUEST_8E7BpaKAq

    02-02 17:03:57

    as far as I am concerned, we don't need to beg our so-called governors. a time is coming in this struggle that you either support the course or you move out of South west. that time is fast approaching.


    02-02 18:52:27

    The presidency is also working hard to get rid of criminal minded Nigeria citizens, so for that it will also be happy to support all avenues to succeed

  • GUEST_dRode9Ppm

    02-02 18:04:38

    We don't need they support

  • OluwatoyinOlupayimo

    02-02 17:32:28

    All Sunday Igbohos, should gather as if OGBOJU ODE NINU IGBO IRUNMOLE, to agree in one Accord to deliver this ODUA NATION to come to reality, other wise some of the alatenuje oba will not let Sunday Igboho work, this is how we will be looking that Igbo will achieve BIAFRA NATION. Let those that are previledged to have extra power help us out. Teletele naa o maa dogun naa ni.

  • MorakinyoFatai.O

    02-03 10:29:53

    South west Governors supporting Sunday Igboho openly will bring them at loggerheads with GMB and the powers that be at the centre. You can hear the Ogun State Governor saying they never invited Sunday Igboho to Ogun State. They would rather sit down cross legged waiting for God to help solve the Security problems in their State than to identify with Sunday Igboho who appears to be bringing into the open their incompetence in protecting their people.

  • TajudeenOlakunleAgunbiade

    02-02 23:06:41

    our governor are cowards, posterity will judge them all, ighoho ride on brother.

  • JiboyeJibola

    02-02 19:48:10

    They woun't Support Sunday Igboho OOsa, because All our South-west Governor Are Eating 🍴 From the Bad, Election is Coming They we Definitely Need Us, When Fulani kill us Finished in Southwest may be is Fulani Cow 🐄 we Vote for them let wait and See

  • Kenhood2012

    02-02 18:05:57

    igboho osaa have already got support from real Yoruba ppls only the all these idiots politicians are govnor are doing miserable

  • HammedAdebareLawal

    02-02 16:58:54

    We should all support our black scorpion to attained the a desire level of captioned (safety)

  • TaiwoOjomo

    02-03 11:09:33

    Thanks ma, Yoruba Eronu oooo, Eyin Agba Yoruba e ma ba aye je, e fi eyin rere sile Tori ola.

  • SaheedAbdulkareemBabatunde

    02-03 09:46:06

    mrs kemi olunloyo I troll a big thanks to you ma

  • GUEST_xwKaXd79r

    02-02 21:06:06

    We happy now that God use bobo sunny for us we yorubas pray for you and your family for God's protection on you and your family in Jesus name AMEN and AMEN and AMEN.

  • TiamiyuEmmanuelOladunni

    02-02 19:21:03

    For the first time Auntie Kemi, you made a point. Thank you for supporting Egbon Sunday and calling on our so-called governors to support him openly. merci

  • OyebanjoGbenga

    02-02 18:46:30

    Igboho maa base re lo, ise re maa nda wa lorun ,Ofo lawon governor's too ko ba support igboho maa se.

  • enquiriesDanmark

    02-02 18:32:55

    the governors will not support him not because they are coward but because they are selfish, wicked and probably some of them are traitors who really don't believe in Yoruba Nation agenda

  • +234-0806744****

    02-02 16:43:15

    Big trouble is coming on what the Fulani people won't to do in these Nation Nigeria ooo Yoruba ero nuooo


    02-02 22:22:46

    Mad woman , where are you from?. Go and take your medication. Your word is irrelevant

  • GoldenRichie

    02-03 15:18:28

    ʏᴏᴜ sᴀɪᴅ ᴡᴇʟʟ ᴀᴜɴᴛʏ ᴋᴇᴍɪ

  • MohammedAbdulrahim_01

    02-03 12:34:58

    They should support him in the interest of peace.

  • MarvinUsuanlele

    02-03 08:07:03

    please perdon me to say Sunday Igboho is not fighting Just for Yoruba but fighting for the Nigerian

  • OlasunkanmiEkundayo

    02-03 07:27:33

    what did you expect when we have their father(herdsmen)as our president??

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