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Video: Abroad Is Not All Rosy, See The Distance This Nigerian Woman Had To Trek Just To Get Water | All Comments

2021-02-22 10:50:37
People mostly travel abroad for the sake of securing a greener pasture.But most atimes, it is not always easy for them out there like we think.Some of them have to work multiple jobs, night and day just to make a living for themselves. ...
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  • GUEST_WNkgJEzd6

    02-22 16:59:02

    There is nothing new about fetching water, this is their own trying moment and they all need to face it. after all the economic is still far better than Nigerian, please let us not pay more attention to the situation of things over there becos it will be fixed in no time. American govt never neglect their people like Nigeria.

  • therockofsal

    02-22 16:39:29

    Send me Dollar and I will send you water. Stop stressing yourself.

  • adisaahmat

    02-22 16:01:24

    This world enh! Village life in America.

  • Giftedward67

    02-23 08:44:04

    Even if she treaks 100miles to fetch water, is America still not better than Nigeria?

  • LasisiSakiru

    02-22 19:43:30

    you people are an ingrate for telling us you are suffering because you fetching water ,don't you want to do something by yourself ,many people are here in Nigeria die in hunger,better appreciate God

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