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After Madam Caught 2 Workers Who Concealed Eggs In Their Bodies, See What She Did Next - Video | All Comments

2021-03-17 22:03:47
It is an outright wickedness, when workers being employed to work in a business venture, take to stealing and in the process almost run the business down through their obscure acts. ...
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  • GUEST_g5kOA0okN

    03-18 08:49:14

    Initially it was poverty which later grew to greed & wickedness. They did not realise that their stealing habit will ruin the business & they will lose their jobs & source of regular income. Their poverty will continue

  • KayodeAiyegbusi

    03-18 02:01:56


  • Anonymous890

    03-18 12:27:29

    o lagbara o.This one tie wrapper o

  • IgwetuOmelogo

    03-18 13:35:15

    Many times, this is done out of pure wickedness and greed as against hunger and poverty that many might thought was the cause.

  • +234-0803857****

    03-18 12:01:54


  • Janetpretty

    03-18 21:17:05

    Stealing from others is an act of wickedness, especially from your employer. What they don't know is that most services like this (buying and selling) do not have much profits.... Then imagine 2 crates of egg going off the poultry farm everyday! That's saying they're set to ruin the business! But thank God for exposing them. I hope they learn from this.

  • GUEST_BneMn1WRr

    03-18 22:18:50

    that's why business don't grow in nigeria.from government to the masses, everyone na thief

  • NnennaAzubuike

    03-18 09:35:06


  • LiyaNagus

    03-18 13:28:27

    Obviously, this is what poverty can do.

  • Titiextra

    03-20 00:53:08

    poverty is not the cause because they have a job they are being paid to do and live from their little earnings. This is pure greed

  • Giro

    03-18 21:42:34

    As men are good in banditry,women too excel in eggs concealment in erogenous parts.

  • +234-805545****

    03-18 17:15:16

    The import of poverty. Terrible situation.

  • GUEST_6eZRLN7me

    03-18 16:34:06

    It is a regular occurance. A friend who established a poultry farm 40+ years ago caught his workers doing same and are still still stealing eggs and chickens. It is not poverty but outright stealing and greed.

  • GUEST_82DPo8zAl

    03-18 14:11:35

    Na grammar oo

  • +234-803624****

    03-18 17:21:55

    while i condemn stealing in any guise,some employers of labor including government pay wages below what it takes to live. have you ever seen the salary structure of some state government workers? these workers build houses, send their children to good schools, where else do they get the money? if you pay living wage, perhaps pilfering will reduce.

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