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OPINION: Foul Play Noticed In The Sudden Removal Of IGP Adamu By Buhari That Nigerians Need To Know | All Comments

2021-04-07 05:38:01
Nigerians were surprised to hear that President Muhammadu Buhari replaced the Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu yesterday afternoon and appointed Usman Alkali Baba as the Acting IGP with immediate effect. ...
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  • ChineduSydneyUzoma

    04-07 07:49:15

    The sacking of the former IGP goes to show that the President is not in charge. It's now obvious that Nigeria is ruled by a powerful cabal.


    04-07 07:34:47

    If Adamu is removed because of Owerri saga, that means Buhari and his ministers should have long resigned because of atrocities, pains , sorrows, tears , anguish, hunger, shame etc they have brought and put the citizens into

  • EwuzieUchenna

    04-07 07:58:20

    Buhari that the presidency said is suffering from Dementia is removing the I G anyway thank God his tenure expired in Imo State, he went back without office.


    04-07 07:19:52

    rubbish are you not part of the wailers that said why his tenure was extended now he was relief of his post you are still posting rubbish

  • Osan24

    04-07 09:19:10

    Ask Garba Shehuu , Who done it ❗

  • thinktwice

    04-07 07:23:25

    cabals runing d coutry

  • SpectaPintoli

    04-07 06:56:30

    A man reaps what he sows. Infact Adamu just did.

  • ahemberichard

    04-07 08:56:48

    Nigerians!! Buhari extended IGP tenure by 3 months they said it was unconditional and a foul play. He removed him before the 3 months expired they say it is foul play. My people wetin una want? If I come back in another world I ll still come back as a Nigerian. Great country , great people.

  • +234-806008****

    04-07 11:40:04

    All enemies of Igbos will drink from the same cup,he ordered the crush of Ipob /ESN and he was crushed out of office without notice.

  • VictorAgunbiade

    04-07 09:56:26

    Bihari is a proxy. The man has long ceased as a Nigerian leader. Nigeria today is being governed by a cabal. That is obvious now

  • GodwinEmekaEde

    04-07 08:56:37

    Which foul play? The man was supposed to retire January. Them give am additional 3months. Nah Dem Dem.

  • JamesAtat

    04-07 08:53:20

    Wetin Musa no go see for gate?

  • fadaAbraham

    04-07 08:28:31

    presidency did it. many hands spoil the soup too many people are on the same steering wheel and thats the regime is clueless and has no destination. ONLY POWER PLAY.A

  • @dGoldengate

    04-07 08:15:52

    It is either d president is an expert "" playing God actor "" or d ruling gang in his cabinet showed up again

  • TayoGee

    04-07 07:39:35

    I doubt it very much if Buhari is in charge of the country. At least for integrity sake, the IG should have been allowed to finish the 3 months extension of his tenure since we didn't hear any serious allegations against him

  • GUEST_qVL9vAy3B

    04-07 06:51:33

    leave the stage when the ovation is high

  • AbelAmehOgbole

    04-09 12:53:32

    What is unusual or special about this?

  • +234-807773****

    04-07 21:09:29

    Nigeria need a strong police IGP who can recruit,train, discipline and develop the police like Sunday Adewusi who created the mobile police force. then if u hear of mopol 20 then take cover. they were trained to quell riots, robbery and stamp away criminality. you will like to join the police force to be in the mobile unit. 80% of what the army is battling currently is work of mobile police force. the new IGP should revisit that and bring back the glory of the police.


    04-07 09:40:43

    It's good for Adamu because he should have gone when his official age or years of service told him to go but according to your opinion he heavily bribe his way to stay. Now he has lost the bribe and shamefully removed from the police. Anyway, this is a big lesson to other Senior public servants that they should retire when their time comes. Yes, the Former IGP Mr. Adamu was a mumu because he wouldn't have been appointed to the office of IGP if the IGPs before him has overstayed their time like him

  • GUEST_e3qbQ96pd

    04-07 08:59:00

    na them them, they know what they are doing. time will tell.

  • +234-0803710****

    04-07 08:41:47

    Everybody is having a dose of the bad governance. Adamu, feel what it takes to be a bloody civilian in Nigeria.

  • +234-0817650****

    04-07 08:38:51

    Its good for him. When he honourably left office after retirement i personally hailed him


    04-07 08:24:22

    That is to show you that when the ovation is loud you should do the needful, see how he was disgrace out of office unprepared. What a shameful way.

  • ClementAnozieOnyegu

    04-07 08:04:48

    We need to be sure that the man we refer to Buhari is actually Buhari and that he is the one ruling or ruining Nigeria.

  • AdikeAlfred

    04-07 07:30:17

    I have come to discover that it's only in Nigeria that when you are given a particular work to do you not allowed to do the according to the standard measures when you try it you been push out of the way.

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