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Stop Saying "I Have Catarrh" it's Incorrect- See The Correct Word to Use and five others. | All Comments

2020-07-15 21:57:17
Stop Saying "I Have Catarrh" it's Incorrect- See The Correct Word to Use and five others. 1. I can't hear the language you speak. Wrong I can't understand the language you speak. Right Note- To hear is for sound, while understand is to comprehend. 2. Ther ...
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  • OyewoleFrancis

    07-17 01:38:54

    from the word rainfall, I think rain and fall joined together to form rainfall

  • OluwasanmiMoses

    07-16 17:55:43

    pls write or publish a book on common errors in English so that people can buy or purchase it


    07-16 12:34:17

    I am having headache or suffering from headache, which is correct?

  • MagdaleneChunex

    07-20 21:41:19

    'I don't understand the language you speak' is better than 'I can't'. Thank you!

  • UjahAlfred

    07-17 13:25:45

    The rain fell heavily yesterday _American. It rained heavily yesterday,There was a great downpour yesterday_Queen English. These are standard English language and accepted internationally.

  • DRockOmodara

    07-17 07:13:00

    thanks,I will comprehend

  • JosephEdiale

    07-16 20:32:04

    some are correct while some are not. Every word or phrase used in English depends on contextual meaning.

  • Dan-AhmedJounior

    07-17 07:35:36

    thanks allot very educative and insightful

  • ModupeholaDumininu

    07-16 20:32:20

    tnks for d correction

  • OluwasanmiMoses

    07-16 17:58:01

    what of heavy downpours

  • petergotom

    07-16 10:31:15

    opera you try for these one

  • BenteyEmmanuel

    07-16 09:36:15

    Thanks for the corrections made

  • HelenIbibo

    12-24 08:16:07

    thanks dear

  • gabrielchima

    08-07 10:19:18

    Well said, I think I learnt frm it

  • GUEST_6oBLegjDj

    07-25 20:40:23

    Give the correct English for Ekuile (Yoruba) Welcome ekabo, odabo goodbye

  • +234-907868****

    07-22 19:27:53

    Assuming all the English we are speaking in Nigeria can change the situation of Nigeria, it would have been nice.

  • NsaEkpeyong

    07-22 09:44:57

    Am having runny nose, is it correct

  • It'zAhmad_01

    07-19 19:49:15

    Tnks dre

  • SolomonAbraham_02

    07-19 18:19:59


  • ArianaGomez

    07-19 17:37:50

    I have fever, I have cold. same thing. somebody with common sense will know your sick. it's like saying "I'm poor" but you aren't boasting of it. will you come and say I'm suffering from poverty because you think people won't know is a bad thing

  • OYOKPOjnr

    07-19 16:57:18


  • GUEST_NyRGvdx65

    07-19 12:46:10


  • JeroTim

    07-17 11:58:28

    Nice work. keep it up!

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