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See Beautiful Photos Of Precious Chikwendu's Children And Their Stepmother, Lilian Fani-Kayode | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:02:04
Former Aviation Minister and People's Democratic Party chieftain, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode might have separated from his marriage to his beautiful wife, Precious Chikwendu but the products of the union are still enjoying the best of mother's care.  Going b ...
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  • ChukwugboNgozi

    02-02 23:44:57

    when there's money, there won't be problems at all

  • SoniaOjevweTivere

    02-02 20:11:14

    mother remains mother

  • TinaIkpehare

    02-02 22:37:45

    These children are just to young for precious to live behind

  • GUEST_8BLL3N7wr

    02-03 00:07:08

    baby sitter. welcome. this is the rightful job for house maids. pls be nice to them. CCTV is watching.

  • ClarkeChrisnkeiru

    02-02 23:17:55

    FFK wish for precious not care for her own kids? there's karma!!!

  • GUEST_Vb1ovGG7a

    02-02 22:31:38

    When the time comes, the children will know their mother when the right time comes. Lilian, it will soon be your turn to pack in and very soon (4 years highest) you will find your way out. That is the destiny of FFK. In fact what number are you? Number six wife? I guess. It is not yet over, the man will take up to no. 10. Women what is wrong with you people. Can you learn?

  • MargaretOkunbor

    02-02 22:06:58

    d children are too young to be with another woman. when they get grown up they might not know their mother n they might despise her..

  • OgbeniPOG

    02-02 20:13:14

    Beautiful family

  • ConstanceUgbaja

    02-02 20:56:44

    what really happened to their real mother? why do she leave them in the mercy of another? what is her gain being single now after having these boys? let her bear in mind that once those boys grow with their step mum and she treats them well she will lost their love. marriage is thick and tough it is when it becomes thick that you show how tough you can be... and sometimes a little patience conquers divorce in marriage..

  • GUEST_Ze5WYr3vW

    02-03 00:20:43

    Nay Turn by Turn

  • OgbeniPOG

    02-02 20:14:21

    May God continue to bless them

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