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Bokoharam: Leave Sunday Igboho, Send Miyetti Allah And Herdsmen To Drive Them Out - Femi Fani Kayode To Shehu Sani | All Comments

2021-02-02 20:50:32
Former Aviation Minister and activist, Femi Fani Kayode, has replied Senator Shehu Sani on inviting Sunday Igboho to fight bokoharam. Recently, Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho, has been determined to protect his father land and drive out all killer herdmen ...
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  • DanielEkpe

    02-02 22:38:50

    The northern elders are all hypocrites, all this while the criminal Fulani herdsmen have been terrorising and killing other ethnic ethnic groups they never disown the "in quote criminal Fulani herdsmen", they never cried to the Federal government to arrest and prosecute the criminal Fulani herdsmen. The table has turned now there is distinction between the criminals and the law abiding Fulani herdsmen. As far as I am concern there is no distinction all Fulani's have the same conquest ideology the criminals and the law abiding as professed work together for common interest. If you like retaliate if you don't like leave all what I know is that it can never be the same again. No tribe has the monopoly of violence. Enough is Enough.

  • @Ibojomichaelmaxwell

    02-02 23:54:02

    I think Uncle Femi has spoken the mind of almost every sane Nigerian.

  • GUEST_6nKd8dEOY

    02-02 22:21:54

    shehu abi shahu sef let ur fulani brothers go fight Boko Haram


    02-02 23:05:25

    Bokoharam is Northern problem not general, solution to it should come from North

  • +234-806499****

    02-02 22:33:06

    Correct brother of ours...FFK


    02-03 07:36:30

    let the northerner flush out their mess..igboho is busy delivering the work that God sent him

  • GUEST_wvPy6LO8g

    02-02 23:44:58

    I will support if should be the case because you're looking Sunday igboho like one man battalion's, Sunday igboho is more than that if you don't know we're many at his back not only his groups it's all Yoruba's nation's, it's time for us to be acting Yoruba nation we want chikena

  • StephenTunde

    02-03 00:02:33

    Kudos FFK! I will even suggest that they should put Sunday Igboho in "Aso Rock" as the "appointed President and Commander in Chief of Fed Republic of Nigeria" for just one week only and see what happens.

  • +234-0706242****

    02-03 00:40:54

    thanks ffk,I trust u for best answer

  • BukolaLawrence

    02-02 22:21:57


  • GUEST_qO5rXvBpE

    02-03 09:35:02

    can you realise that the northerners knew much about the criminal fulani herdsman

  • GUEST_pY1mADAn1

    02-03 16:41:55

    You are the way forward, our Brother FFK

  • FrancisChidiNwosu

    02-03 08:20:48

    Ffk though you are not my fan but from the start till date on this issue of Sunday Igboho, you have always blew my mind with response to all and sundry, Godbless you, the people you mentioned if not politically motivated, they are more than enough to wipe out BH, but many eats from it, so they should face it..fulani leave the south, QED

  • AmosOlowookere

    02-04 01:18:16

    senator shehu go there for ur self

  • +234-806353****

    02-03 19:50:11

    The Government or whoever does not need to send Sunday Igboho to fight Boko Haram but people or a leader with his kind of spirit will do exactly what he is doing. It is the untainted zeal and sincere spirit of determination and truth that works not Sunday Igboho.

  • GUEST_GYwg0Anv5

    02-03 18:16:13

    nice reply ffk

  • RemiAromasodu

    02-03 18:11:59

    FFK on point , less expected of the senator may be an irony of words .

  • OlusegunAdedokun

    02-03 16:39:12

    Don't upset the populace with misguided suggestions. let those faithfuls of the government of the day who were privy to the initiation of bokoharam in the not work out their exit. Sunday Igboho is not meant nor out for Bokoharam. He's busy sanitising his territory which his native Yoruba nation.

  • AniyeraIbrahim

    02-03 15:24:41

    bro Sani, e chock you

  • KingRock007

    02-03 14:39:50

    Good talk

  • GUEST_3Qw08K6Bj

    02-03 12:30:10

    What Kayode is saying is true, they left their place were book haram is killing them n went to other State and is terrolizing them, they kill any how so let them go n finish (BH).

  • محمدثانىجزولى

    02-03 11:45:35

    He can do it because he's brave man

  • GUEST_9vqdqAgqO

    02-03 11:45:03

    president buhair refuse on invites Sunday igboho to fight bokoharma

  • PrinceAboladeAkintunde

    02-03 10:39:06

    Is the man's head correct at all?

  • GUEST_4Lbl2AqW4

    02-03 09:18:51

    FFK is hundred percent right. Herbsmen are the right choice to face Boko haram if Nigeria army has failed

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