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See What Cubana Chief Priest Said After He Saw a Shoe That Cost N2Million In Dubai | All Comments

2021-02-02 21:25:52
 Popular socialite, Pascal Chibuike who is popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest took to his Instagram handle to share some details about the recent shopping he went for his wife.  Recall that Cubana Chief Priest together with his wife and two children ...
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  • EffiomBassey_01

    02-03 21:54:47

    hmm useless news


    02-03 15:00:10

    Dubai can never wear that can of costly shoes is Nigeria guys that doesn't have common sense

  • Freedommilz

    02-03 13:04:40

    no bi lie

  • OyotaIsaac

    02-02 22:42:21

    I love that, always be yourself,

  • AugustineOgwu

    02-03 19:28:25

    What's this guy's contribution to the society?

  • Derikbinny

    02-03 14:11:39

    If you get the money, spoil yaself small sometimes. God bless

  • emmersonforeal

    02-03 14:04:56

    live your life for your own happiness and comfort not for others.

  • EzeabasiliNana

    02-03 00:16:09

    I thought you do flaunt money or show money on the internet sir? you can do it come on brother ..

  • GUEST_8RJ0qw0dE

    02-03 06:16:22

    Igboman dey carry sense join body nahh other guys would think that buying 5million Naira shoe or bag is greatness and achievement when in actuality it's a waste. It's not how Dangote, mursk and others grew to where they're.

  • johnonuaja_01

    02-03 00:58:07

    No bi you say you bi Oga, na why you dey run. See you, see loaded man !

  • floorjenings

    02-03 16:39:03

    Why later since you are a show man

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