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The Nigerian Soldier Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, See Photos Of The Senior Officer He Killed | All Comments

2021-01-13 12:50:20
The Nigerian Soldier Sentenced To Firing Squad, See Photos Of The Senior Officer He Killed Recall back in July 2020, a Nigerian Soldier, Azunna Maduabuchi killed his Superior officer, Babakaka Ngorgi whom was shot to death. The Nigerian soldier has now bee ...
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    01-13 14:57:42

    well, it's sad to see things like this happening, it's a lesson for both junior officers and their senior counterparts, everyone need to learn from this as well, either military or any other profession, being the boss doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to your subordinate, always be kind to everyone you come across, this life is easy but we chose to make it difficult for ourselves.

  • SundayKuye

    01-13 15:08:21

    pardon him like repentance bokoharam

  • GUEST_KZXgxBjyg

    01-13 15:16:42

    Let this junior officer die and rotten in hell,wicked Igbo man.


    01-13 15:26:05

    He is a repentant Army, pardon him just like we pardon repentant Boko Haram! Send him to American for rehabilitation!

  • ValentineChime_01

    01-13 15:53:46

    Maybe this soldier that killed his boss have been passing a lot in the hands of the diseases, i dont believe that he killed him just cos of pass. There is smtn u ppl ve not told us. RIP guys

  • GUEST_4yjg5y5K5

    01-13 15:32:39

    Set him on fire,put tire on his neck den pour petrol.tie his two hands at back,tie d tire on his neck,tie d idiot to an iron rod den put fire so dat d fire be burning him gradually

  • PeterOjPeter

    01-13 16:10:06

    the law is only on the order rank soldiers but if senior officer fired soldier nothing will happen to him are there different human being from each other's?


    01-13 16:02:30

    Why will he deny a soldier on the battlefield his entitlement?

  • HadizaKubraNuhu

    01-13 15:13:27

    So sad it happened. And so painful two youthful soldiers involved. This is a big loss, measures taken may prevent future happenings of such inhuman treatment to fellow soldier over so trivial an issue. How could such a young small boy have the mind of doing such. Please measures must be taken to prevent such happening again. Haba!!!

  • GUEST_v6VnDkbZP

    01-13 16:14:25

    Truth be told, igbos naturally are sentimentally rebellious. His fellow BIANIMALS will always support his evil handwork because they are likeminded. He who kills by sword surely must die by same sword.

  • UzochiAdeeZico_01

    01-13 15:56:07

    his boss frustrated him, am sure he did that out of depression and frustration, let those called bosses listen to their juniors, you never can tell what someone is going through, is well with their souls

  • DivineWilliams_02

    01-13 15:42:28

    had it been the junior officer is hausa would he be treated that way his boss did?

  • JerryGanna

    01-13 15:39:53

    I wish same judgement can be passed to those senior officers who is killing innocent junior guys too and minus Tribalism. As for me nigerian army is another thing else can't have person that will mentioned of joining nigeria army i will fired him honestly bcos of all this rubbish that Rampaged army this era of fighting Bokoharams

  • DivineWilliams_02

    01-13 15:35:34

    May be because he is an Igbo man that was why his request was ignored. he did well anyway.

  • GUEST_3LmvbRbva

    01-13 20:10:27

    Don't blame any tribe, please. There are criminals in all Tribes of the World.


    01-13 15:34:57

    Is it because he isn't from the North?, oooh how many cases have they judged against non Muslims and northerners, oooh how many times have they complained bitterly against superiors for sending their locations to bokoharam , which led to deaths?, how many times did they complain about welfare, even the yoruba general that was demoted for crying out, we know the hatred, we have seen the blood.

  • KadaraMobolaji

    01-13 23:07:08

    Respect order ranks , officers should be God to others, Stop playing the roll of oga is always right, the military is not a personal company , officers should wake up

  • emmydo

    01-13 18:49:10

    he who kill by sword will die by sword!...Rip in advance!

  • +234-80638*****

    01-13 16:43:21

    lose him and let him go...he has repented

  • GUEST_gnvDjNmVv

    01-13 16:15:17

    Bullet no get oga

  • CurrentJoe

    01-13 15:25:28

    all those soldiers and other uniformed men who has been killing innocent people, why the same judgement hasn't passed on them? Tribalism in the highest part

  • ChuksAnyagham

    01-13 15:03:52

    pardon him coz two wrongs can't make a right,plz.

  • ConwellEbebu

    01-13 14:34:21

    He would have step by step followed his case to the top than killing his superior. Besides he travel without pass or permission which is considered an offence which he knew.

  • IBMshelia

    01-13 21:27:03

    The officer was never innocent

  • ArchibongOkon

    01-13 18:59:37

    House that fights against itself. There is sabotage

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