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See the hill where people find out what killed their spouses and friends | All Comments

2020-07-18 16:37:02
The Nigerian hill where the dead persons speak allandecore studio.opera.com The hill where the living interact with the dead. There are many stories that are stranger than fiction .You need to carry out your own investigations to understand you that they a ...
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  • OlabodeOlagunju

    07-24 11:30:04

    You have committed a big sin to God. Be warned

  • LamwakaCaroline

    09-09 15:04:32

    there's no relationship between the dead and the living.

  • GUEST_8aGkwOR5b

    12-26 12:49:23


  • OlayinkaAlatishe

    12-19 22:58:20


  • GUEST_NEm8rADm0

    08-23 13:47:40

    This is one of King Saul sin that make God to reject, forsake, demote, remove him and he die

  • +234-0808692****

    12-26 22:03:37

    its real

  • +234-806464****

    12-26 17:56:34

    Africans with their disbelief of their ancient traditions and belief. this is the reasons why many suffer now.


    10-27 05:38:03

    There was a similar ancient rock at Eyio Ekiti in Irepodun Local government of Ekiti state where necromancy was in operation tar back in 1980s. My late mother went there to inquire what was responsible for her sudden barrenness after giving birth to 4 children. There according to her , her twin spirit was invoked, who spoke in the same tone like my mother and told her what to do when she got home. She did , and got pregnant few months later. I wouldn't know whether it is still in operation now in the community or not.

  • Blueboy1

    09-20 07:34:50

    Some still doubt the powers.

  • InereunwaJuniorOgbebor

    09-15 19:43:34

    when I was young my maternal great grandmother used to tell me stories about that place, everything you said is true, if you go there to find out who killed your relative they will bring a bowl of water and stir it then the person will appear and tell how he/she died and if you cry the dead person will take the person with him! the' person' that appeared is a demon not the dead person, that's how Satan deceive many people!!

  • GUEST_zmlm02Wb3

    08-25 08:24:38


  • GUEST_qaYk3JrNX

    07-26 09:51:48

    the living has nothing to do with the dead

  • OlayinkaAlatishe

    09-09 21:05:51


  • Balor

    12-28 15:18:14

    Stop promoting devil. Supreme God of heaven is the highest.

  • OnuHappyOnuHappiness

    12-26 23:15:52


  • NazirAbdulrahman

    12-26 16:30:30

    just de wawa dem


    12-26 08:13:09

    not real its a nonsense abi make I come ask which day I go b president of naija

  • SunnyEhis_02

    12-26 05:30:59

    lf you have eaten the food of the spirit you would have heard them

  • ThomasComfort

    12-25 23:10:46

    Demons impersonates dead people.

  • NnamdiOnahTrustGod

    12-22 19:32:17

    They will be very smart, it looks like real

  • GUEST_6WjmJxGBk

    11-16 19:50:12

    that is why people should not believe these things, they're evil, how did he know that it was the dead father that was talking to him, it's pure manipulation.

  • GUEST_wbe87DrV9

    10-14 00:53:03

    Near mis

  • +234-803391****

    09-13 08:45:15

    Go for Deliverance immediately

  • GUEST_dKxRm7vJe

    09-11 08:07:23

    may you be forgiven for engaging yourself in an ungodly research. seek for the atonement of your sin from God

  • +234-905039****

    09-10 17:46:45

    be careful ooo

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