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Remember The Yoruba Actress That Lost Her Husband? See How Her Children Are Doing | All Comments

2021-02-09 20:46:19
I smile when I see or hear people praying or wish to be like some Nigerian celebrities most especially in the entertainment industry.The truth remains that, many of these celebrities have gone through lots. ...
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  • GUEST_jglVpD2YZ

    02-13 08:19:04

    Wow 🥺💕💕

  • Adenybisky

    02-11 09:28:52

    God is great, there is always a reason to be grateful

  • OlabisiOlumuyiwaIshola

    02-10 20:54:25

    To God be the glory. I reverence God concerning you and the kids. God will continue to keep you all in Jesus name amen.

  • +234-806250****

    02-09 23:42:43

    What a live,thank God for everything

  • HeritageAbioye

    02-09 23:36:59

    beautiful family

  • TaiwoOgunyemiBude

    02-11 11:39:20

    Thy Lord will Strengthen u.


    02-10 19:55:56


  • MaryMongor

    02-10 18:58:08

    you you dear the Lord is your strength

  • GUEST_mnqmwoBbP

    02-10 15:30:09

    God continue to bless you and the children.You are indeed a strong woman.you shall eat the fruit of your labour on them both.love u so much.

  • GUEST_736Y02yY9

    02-10 09:05:38

    Thanks God for His mercies over you and your family. Keep striving in the ambience of God's grace, love and mercy.

  • IsaiahFakunle_01

    02-15 12:08:42

    God is your Strength Regina Chukwu, and He will NEVER failed you. Your tomorrow is sweeter than today. Amen. Case closed

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