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See What Minister Of Humanitarian Affairs Posted That Sparked Reactions | All Comments

2021-02-08 05:09:31
Check out what minister of humanitarian affairs posted that sparked reactions.Firstly, The woman identified as 'Sadiya Umar Farouk' is a Nigerian politician and the current minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development. ...
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  • GUEST_3b62P6zqA

    02-08 08:14:19

    We are proud of you the honorable minister but how far about our nexit arrangements we need to hear your final saying about it

  • Tokason

    02-10 12:40:08

    Stupid and useless people in the society.

  • GUEST_44PZkY7zx

    02-09 22:41:38

    The best minister ever in the history of Nigeria

  • ClementOgboso

    02-08 21:56:47

    Hon. minister, the exited unemployed graduate in npower are patiently waiting for u to make their lives meaningful again

  • AlhajiHamisuBakabe_01

    02-08 14:25:41

    Please allow the honourable minister to execute her duties diligently, without any distraction. She is not a new person in that field. She once served in a similar governmental organization, the national commission for migrants and refugees, where she performed creditably well. Given the right atmosphere, good time, support, and necessary cooperation, the sky shall be her limit.

  • FahadMuhammad_03

    02-08 11:40:07

    She is the best minister that transparency exist in all the activities of Her ministary which touches the Lives of Nigerians. prayed for a Sustainable development in the operational duties of Her ministry. Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria and Long Live Sadiyyah Umar Farouk !!

  • GodwinEmekaEde

    02-08 11:03:36

    Forget turenchi, madam just dey blow our money. Nah your time Biko.

  • LadiAdamu

    02-08 07:20:25

    this woman will never have peace in her heart always thinking what will say ,what am I going to say again that what everyday she has been thinking.

  • 4flex

    02-08 07:12:22

    pay up the peoples outstanding Npower 6 months allowances. Is not fair!

  • jbjb

    02-08 13:30:51

    pay us our 5 months npower stipends being owed us criminal like you

  • GUEST_QAww9v18z

    02-08 11:16:48

    Aunty what I need from u is only to know my status of N-power

  • IBMshelia

    02-08 15:49:31

    the woman that hoard covid 19 palliatives

  • Shu'aibuInuwaGala

    02-08 08:47:07

    madam,ask d committee to look over the CTF's ,GRO's and DO's welfare for transparency.


    02-08 21:34:31

    You are wresting us time

  • +27-063957****

    02-09 21:30:07

    what's going on


    02-09 07:40:36

    However, The entire BATCH A &B of Npower ate hereby wanting an explanation from the Hon. Minister in respects to the issue of N-EXIT. Nigeria is a democratical nation and one of the future of demonstration is "OPENLY". We therefore, urge the minister to utilize that future and open their mind and doubt within a reasonable period of time.


    02-09 02:28:25

    N-POWER Beneficiaries received their last stipends June 2020 since then no stipends again till date. Big Q has the Federal Gov't actually eradicated poverty like this!


    02-08 08:01:18

    Currupt brainless doll woman


    02-08 10:27:49

    wetin dey happen with batch c n power application. Abi 2020 never pass?

  • YayajiAhmed

    02-08 13:19:43

    Wishing you Allah guidance.

  • MuhammadJamiuLigali

    02-08 12:00:44

    Hajia, please we are begin you and your team members to help us retrive our fund from the Central Bank of Nigeria which is enough as our palliative. Nospectco investors are appealing for your support to held get our legitimate funds for our survival. Nospectco investors are suffering while we we have enough funds hanging out in the CBN. please give us our money ooo!

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