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23 Curvy Photos Of Hajia Bintu, Who Is An Entrepreneur | All Comments

2021-02-08 13:12:51
Hajia BintuWhen one looks at the beautiful pictures of some God's creation, one has no choice than to marvel.A great example is Hajia Bintu who is a new and young entrepreneur. ...
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    02-23 11:49:17

    Ghana standard....Ghana spec.

  • Ocfr

    02-11 08:37:31

    hajia ke. this is blasphemy.

  • UbaleGarba

    02-16 20:56:54

    Be God fearing.

  • Deriko

    02-09 10:03:05

    she's really blessed

  • Falz242

    02-08 19:11:03

    I know some ladies that are even better and has bigger buttocks and beauty than hajia bintu but don't flaunt it at all . life is just so diffrent. one man's meat is another man's Poison.

  • GarbaAbdullahi_07

    02-13 23:36:26

    No Muslim or Christian faithful would exposed her God given access to public. Just be aware you are on your own

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