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Even in Church; Check Out Obiano’s Usual Habit That Ndi Anambra Finds Displeasing. | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:37:35
A former aide to Mr Peter Obi and a well known opposition to Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state has taken to Facebook to register his displeasure to Obiano’s habit of leg crossing. According to Rapheal Okoye, Leg Crossing simply shows a sign of disr ...
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    02-03 11:35:15

    For those who don't see anything wrong with his trademark crossing legs,why didn't he cross his legs when talking to PMB?

  • GUEST_jdxJn88de

    02-02 16:50:31

    Noticed he didn't cross his feet while with the president.

  • IsraelJohn_09

    02-03 09:42:35

    is he sitting on your head

  • NnaEmmanuelChimezie

    02-02 19:34:13

    why All dis tins now

  • +234-8054

    02-02 16:44:21

    D way our politicians behave like d mighty man of valour after winning election baffles me. They behave as if they are d first person and d last to be on that seat. I laugh in Chinese. Everything in life has an end.

  • dantechinedu

    02-02 16:25:48

    stupid post

  • EleazarIsibor

    02-03 08:44:54

    Is it the leg crossing that God look or the HEART? Obi you are not relivant again in Ananbra politics for now. Wait for sometime.

  • GUEST_51DAqX9Aj

    02-03 12:23:01

    God looks at the heart not leg.write useful things pls.

  • +234-805880****

    02-03 08:35:41

    mere jealousy

  • UdoObinwa

    02-03 08:16:08

    the man is just busy disgracing ndi Anambra at the slightest opportunity

  • Anosikeike

    02-03 07:51:57

    Very proud and arrogant fellow

  • mosesAmiowe

    02-02 19:26:02

    this politician's fear president more than they fear and obey God

  • DrVoweroOtomewo-Oriakhi

    02-02 21:58:51

    Too much Pride !!!!!!!!! Tell Obiano to go read about king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.


    02-02 20:29:48

    Very local village rabbit picked from dust bin by Peter Obi, soon he will return to mud like pig as usual

  • OlaideAdeoye_01

    02-02 18:49:02

    Baba don't mind them joor no be you spoil their lives

  • Gist_Meel

    02-02 17:34:30

    Well written!

  • +234-0803672****

    02-04 22:44:35

    Fault finder, well done. But just know it's a bad disease that can consume one

  • ChinwePrecious_01

    02-04 12:22:42

    you people should stop talking rubbish he has the right to keep his leg the where he want it busybody

  • mummylistic

    02-02 21:16:54

    after 8 years most of them turned to beggers and become annoying and irrelevant bc the refused to honour God.

  • 0703708****

    02-02 20:06:21

    Even though you're an opposition,you oppose,politicize and at the same time judge people in the church as if you're no longer a Nigerian politician that has skeletons all over everywhere not only in their cupboards

  • GUEST_X3D87OX7m

    02-02 19:18:16

    Humility is a virtue, thanks

  • GUEST_7bDrwkD9a

    02-02 17:41:32

    Bonnie Allor there is nothing to talk about Gov obiano again. c'EST finie

  • ScholaOkafor

    02-03 10:58:14

    Is crossing leg a sin? If it is a sin, it should be for every where and not only in the church.

  • GodwinIwuoha_01

    02-02 22:17:45

    Honesty, I see nothing about crossing ones legs either in the church or elsewhere,I am fond of that, it's a habit,no harm intends

  • PeterChikaodiliOyoke

    02-03 10:16:21

    let the man be please...his tenure will soon expire so that you could rest

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