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Even in Church; Check Out Obiano’s Usual Habit That Ndi Anambra Finds Displeasing. | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:37:35
A former aide to Mr Peter Obi and a well known opposition to Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state has taken to Facebook to register his displeasure to Obiano’s habit of leg crossing. According to Rapheal Okoye, Leg Crossing simply shows a sign of disr ...
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  • MichaelDennis

    02-03 08:44:30

    he filled so discomfort while with Mr President because it has become an habit

  • BroIKIk

    02-02 23:12:10

    This man you are just confusing your self what is your problem with the executive governors posture just b/c, you are no more eating from his table do you show us this when you are in his government pay roll, to be honest you are evil person may be that's why you are dropped from the band wagon.

  • Lovelina

    02-02 17:18:20


  • GUEST_0vlRxEnlJ

    02-02 16:38:19

    Even Trump of United States never crose his legs in the church

  • FinallyFinally

    02-02 20:35:27

    he is a drunkard.

  • GUEST_m147dnrXe

    02-02 17:43:02

    maybe he has health issues that the crossed leg helps, ,, I don't think he's doing guy

  • DavidNwadighioha

    02-03 13:13:22

    people always like to criticize,

  • johnonuaja_01

    02-03 01:06:05

    So, you dey respect the president more than God? Utulu gbeke !

  • GraceAbraham_07

    02-02 20:25:19

    Humbleness is the key word here. You don't pose before God.

  • ijeomagoodness

    02-02 18:55:58

    You know that kind of religious gathering they call church that"s the only place people who dont have regard f God enter..


    02-02 17:16:51

    Too much pride

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