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Opinion:Sunday Igboho Shouldn't Wait For Makinde's Invitation Before Helping The People Of Oyo State | All Comments

2021-02-02 16:41:18
Popular freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho, has made it clear that he won't help the people of Oyo Community to fight the killer Fulani Herdsmen unless the governor of the state, Seyi Makinde, invites him. According to the news report the people of Kajola vill ...
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    02-03 06:42:40


  • PrinceDjgbaskyFujah

    02-02 21:28:12

    Chief Sunday Igboho,,,,,,,,pls heed to their call,,,,they valued n put you on high esteem waiting for makinde,,,,,, will just be a blunder,,,, Deadly Iskilu Wakili n his men are terrorising biggerly hmmmmmmmm,,,,is matter of life and death

  • JohnKunlex

    02-02 21:11:14

    Look we don't have to create enmity between Seyi and Sunday .Both are sons of the soil.Allow them to sought issues out amicably. Abiyawo kii dayawo loro .

  • AbassIshola_02

    02-02 20:38:33

    Consulting who...when our governor remain dormant and inactive

  • AnthonyHungbo

    02-02 18:05:49

    With all the crying and shouting out for help, the Oyo state Governor is deaf and Dump, The whole YORUBA LAND King's are also deaf all opinion leaders are all dead but immediately someone rises up to help the Ayete villager's it is only then they will all know about the right to obey the Zoo country Constitution, but while they rape, kill and kidnap the constitution does not have any say, dont we then see and comprehend that it is all our leaders that are behind all these evil been perpetuated by the killer herdsmy?

  • +234-815495****

    02-02 20:38:06

    Makinde is a politician, he has nothing to offer.

  • RabiuIyiola

    02-03 20:04:38

    The affected community is strongly advised to approach the Governor or the state Police Commissioner for rescue operations. Igboho is not a constituted authority and therefore cannot respond to the request of the community unless he is given approval by the Governor. This is a freedom fighter who is not at least recognised by the state government. Hence, there is need for caution to avoid power clash because you don't find two kings in a palace Given the nefarious activities of the Fulani herdsmen in the southwest, one will expect the state governments to protect the indigenes of their respective States who are under attack of their tenants. There is nowhere in the world that tenants will threaten the landlord without appropriate sanction of eviction applied irrespective of constitutional provision of freedom of living. May God help us fix the problem of bitterness in the land.

  • TaiwoAlabaJohnson

    02-02 18:09:16

    let him wait for governor been the chief security of the state." Maja Masa niwon manfi mo akinkoju loju Ogun."

  • FaladeTaiwo_04

    02-02 18:05:43

    I will appeal to Igboho to please help his people to send away this marauders.

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