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See what Seriki Fulani, Ogun state said as he exposes some untold truth about criminal herdsmen | All Comments

2021-02-15 17:33:39
The criminal activities of some Fulani herdsmen especially in the southwest region of the country has been a cause of concern in recent times. ...
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  • thisisgodwin

    02-15 19:02:15

    This is the first time I will be hearing a reasonable words from a Fulani man.Thanks for that

  • YusufDanjuma_11

    02-15 19:27:37

    they're asking you to go home and you're here talking rubbish,mr seriki go home and do same to their people living in the north send all yorubas packing and if they refuse start killing them everybody na champion for im land simple

  • +234-903633****

    02-15 19:08:03

    Do not be disobedient to your superiors who asked you to come back with all the herders, go home please. The tension is not good now. Return home as you're advised.

  • Chinedu

    02-15 19:50:14

    One honest Fulani man in Nigeria. Not the likes of Buhari, Bala Muhammad and El-Rufai. God will protect you and your family.


    02-15 19:43:40

    Out side his stories which sound true. But the big question is why haven't FG ask fulani's not to carry AK47 and arrest anyone flaunting Nigeria law. south can't be law abiding on arms but foreigners will come to Nigeria and brandish AK47 with impetus as if there's no govt nor law. In all this stories there's grand agenda cos govt silence and foot dragging in curbing herders atrocities leaves much to detest.

  • GUEST_m6xevQJWR

    02-15 20:05:40

    This is the product of education. The man is highly educated.

  • olanlokunoludele

    02-15 20:53:46

    Statement like this from a reasonable Nigerian would move you to tears. Not all of them are criminals after all!

  • KennethChikaEze

    02-16 06:52:58

    Only Fulani cannot be ,kinapper,Bandit, Raping, and herders. How can this be possible in a country like this, Let's say that fact for peace to rain. they have waested blood enough.

  • GUEST_7M7d6YxZM

    02-15 21:21:23

    we are not interested in that story, if you the so called good ones have been fighting the bad eggs among you, the situation wouldn't have degenerated into this state almost total anarchy

  • GUEST_3VdjDaGad

    02-15 19:14:21

    My own is that Yoruba and Fulani people have been together for a long time without problem but why now. Even, they never dreamed of carrying gun but why now?

  • +234-813196****

    02-18 12:05:29

    You use to see them hide thier victims in the forest where your subjects stays what do you do as a patriotic citizen? Are you not aiding and abeting them criminal answer us.


    02-16 11:13:06

    Herders should adopt ranching, why is it that the government of the day can not provide avenue for ranching instead of FENCING Railines to prevent COWS going through thereby spending billions of money for FENCING Railines in the country is a waste of resources.


    02-16 07:25:14

    You people felt you have coquered Nigeria...and claim to own every where..hope Senegal or sokoto..bye!

  • TonyTony_32

    02-16 04:27:50

    our problem here in Nigeria is police and judges how can you release criminal because you received Ghana must go and he will go back to steal. judge you are number one criminal police is no 2 criminal and the third party is the person with gun all of you are criminals that's all


    02-16 00:01:20

    That's not true.They leave our place first. If we will consider dem to live with us again, it will b rules and regulations dat's well spelled.

  • AbosedeOlofinjana

    02-15 23:52:19

    Any Fulani dt he's educated wit d fear of God, ND owns property around him will always love peace unlike their thugs dat lives in d Bush ,those thugs am talking about did nt value life's bt cows


    02-15 22:43:29

    This man has Western brain not fulani herdsmen brain. That's very good opinion.

  • OlaseyoOladuro

    02-15 22:06:19

    judges and lawyers should be blame.

  • JerryChidimba_01

    02-15 21:51:10

    Honestly, there is an atom of Truth in what he said.But there more than meets the eyes. Let look at what El rufia said,about herders that have tasted ransome money can not stop.please read between the lines.

  • BukolaOlawumi

    02-15 21:50:08

    He has spoken well.

  • Glaso*******

    02-15 19:08:43

    Big lie, if they can collect #4m from there leader and still kill him n nothing happen , so what do u expect them to do to other people who r not there tribe or related to them?

  • +234-0806744****

    02-15 18:51:00

    OK ooo

  • IsaacJinadu

    02-15 19:23:37

    from Adam we heard town Fulani and town Fulani let try to find way forward

  • PeterEzema_02

    02-16 18:09:06

    Are you sure this man is from NIGERIA?

  • GUEST_AkArJorK6

    02-16 14:23:55

    The problems is Buhari way of governance, these people have been living together for century ,it is Buhari that brought evil brand of ruling and of nepotism which resulted into this nation ,now efcc new head is another 40 years old Fulani man imaging, from police,judiciary, immigration,ndlea, custom,army,port,nnpc,igi all dominated by Fulani that's the highest level of evil that someone can do to spirit of one Nigeria .Buhari killed Nigeria and the burial can come earlier than expected if care is not taking.

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