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A Pastor In Akwa Ibom State Allegedly Murdered Man Inside Church | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:30:14
We are indeed in the end times, the Bible warned believers to beware of persons who call themselves men of God, they could be false prophets. Such false "pastor" murdered in a cold blood, a student, inside Living Faith Church in Atakpa Ifa Ikot Ubo Etoi co ...
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  • GUEST_qJ46xoljZ

    02-02 23:05:31

    Nigerians defending pastors. one time a child got missing in living Faith Church. oyedepo did all he could to cover it up

  • EstherNnenna_01

    02-03 04:26:37

    check whether he has mental problems First before he face the judgement

  • DanAmana

    02-05 10:56:37

    Another fulani herdsman?

  • GUEST_71GvAralw

    02-03 22:06:09

    There is nothing like fake pastor. A Pastor is a Pastor. A church is another name for a Club or Brothel.

  • GUEST_Rr9eJpRe8

    02-03 15:32:19

    may God help us from the hands of evil pastor of this kind oo!

  • +234-805167****

    02-03 03:24:15

    Toorh! Na wow ooooh

  • GUEST_Mwl6DPqa5

    02-02 22:25:07

    May his soul rest in peace

  • GloryAmadi

    02-03 13:42:55

    let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end

  • GUEST_0n1qXNj9V

    02-03 09:19:47

    Nawaoo,where can i go?


    02-02 22:48:14

    God will judge him

  • ibangajnr

    02-02 21:45:06

    God let the truth manifest. May his soul rest in peace

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