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Nigerians Hail Gov Wike For Rescuing Fmr NDDC MD From 'House Arrest' [Watch Full Video] | All Comments

2020-07-16 11:44:38
In what some may term a rescue mission, the governor of Rivers state, Gov Nyesom Wike showed his street credibility again by storming the residence of the fmr NDDC MD, Joi Nunieh to rescue her from an alleged house arrest by men of the police force. The fm ...
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  • Kambiri

    07-16 14:29:27

    the woman is very stupid and harlots

  • GUEST_J7e4mBjqg

    07-16 13:39:59

    when Magu was arrested for investigation people started criticized but nddc header who was involved in looted of #181bn & wike went to rescued her sm atikulooter fan praising wike. all secrets will be revealed to d world to see

  • byceemaritime

    07-16 15:17:13

    I think Akpabio is trying so hard to conceal some shady deals involving him. First, one director or so in NDDC died mysteriously,then this police action. We are all Nigerians so no one can fool us especially in matters of corruption. Who sent police to her house? What was the purpose? Who are the policemen? If Nigeria is not a lawless country those officers should be facing orderlyroom trial. But here anything goes. Police is law and executioner. In fact the uniform empowers you to ridicule the law.

  • Vicoco

    07-16 14:30:30

    My people, my people, you don't need someone to tell you we are not save this country.. our so leaders are the problem of this country. shame on them

  • +234-0813954****

    07-16 16:30:42

    rescue my foot. Wike arranged the drama to score cheap political point, and evade being exposed.

  • AdekunleMHamzat

    07-17 05:51:14

    Wike is an up-to-date task governor,he deserve to president this country.

  • +234-803325****

    07-16 16:38:38

    God will bless you Wike, Akpabio is trying to kill that Woman, may be that would have been the end of that woman

  • MikeAsanga

    07-16 15:10:29

    I'm proud of the people Governor Wike. Well done sir.

  • TonyMbah

    07-16 14:27:13

    How can they put her on house arrest and at the same time, she was supposed to face the panel investigating the rot in NDDC?

  • PeresOpara

    07-16 21:21:26

    The only problem is that we can't shake hands because of Covid19/20.However Gov.wike I keep my handshake for you.We are watching.Keep saying the truth.May Hashem keep you.

  • +234-80565*****

    07-16 19:29:38

    Step up your action Mr Project.No one step on your toes and goes scot free.I'm proud of you

  • GUEST_1B4lm8rDq

    07-16 17:07:15

    nice one , the peoples governor, God wil keep protecting .Amen

  • CliffordObasi

    07-16 15:54:01

    my governor, my governor, positive action

  • Hi-senseSense

    07-16 15:51:42

    God bless you yari


    07-16 15:34:19

    Wike God will bless you jare

  • AloysiusEluuUche

    07-16 15:09:47

    l love this guy

  • frankfest

    07-16 14:56:28

    Wike for president 2023

  • ChinonyeremChighazie

    07-16 13:48:35

    I wish you well my governor

  • AwoyinfaAbayomi_01

    07-16 13:35:20

    God can use anyone to protect anybody


    07-16 13:25:51

    Good work, timely intervention to deliver one of his own from oppression

  • SolomonDung

    07-16 13:04:32

    thanks Excellency God be with u Sir My next prise dent

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